Ajit D. Kelkar


DepartmentJoint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering

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1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Ajit D. Kelkar


Ph D: Engineering Mechanics, Old Dominion University, 1985

MS: Mechanical Engineering, South Dakota State University, 1981

BS: Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Pune University, 1975

Research Interests

Atomistic Modeling , Nano Engineered Materials, Eletrospinning, Molecular Dynamic Simulations, Nanotechnology, Multifunctional Materials, Crashworthiness, Low Cost Composite Manufacturing (VARTM Processing), Mechanical Characterization of Materials including Metals, Polymeric Composites (Tape and Textile), Ceramics and Ceramic Composites, Computer Aided Design and Modeling, Finite Element and Finite Difference Modeling, Numerical Analysis, Fatigue and Impact Modeling and Testing of Polymeric Composites, Ceramic Composites, Textile Composites, Micromechanics Modeling and Testing, Single Fiber Modeling and Testing

Recent Publications

Alston, Jeffrey  Kelkar, Ajit  (2018).  Purification of Commercially Produced BNNTs. 

Tian, Qiong  Yu, Demei  Zhang, Lifeng  Kelkar, Ajit  (2018).  Chemistry Research Summaries.  In Lucille Monaco Cacioppo  (20,  pp. 301-302).  Nova Science Publishers, Inc..

Wang, Guolong  Yu, Demei  Kelkar, Ajit  Zhang, Lifeng  (2017).  Electrospun nanofiber: Emerging reinforcing filler in polymer matrix composite materials.  (75,  pp. 73-107).  Progress in Polymer Science.

Tian, Qiong  Yu, Demei  Zhang, Lifeng  Kelkar, Ajit  (2017).  Composite laminate prepared from boron nitride nanoparticle (BNNP) enhanced prepregs.  In Eugene Moran   Nova Science Publishers, Inc..

Islam, ABM  Kelkar, Ajit  (2017).  Prospects and challenges of nanomaterial engineered prepregs for improving interlaminar properties of laminated composites—-a review.  No  (MRS Communications, 1-7. doi:10.1557/mrc.2017.13,  pp. 1–7).  MRS Communications.