Kenrett Y. Jefferson Moore


DepartmentAgribusiness, Applied Economics, and Agriscience Education


OfficeCarver Hall
Room: 154-A

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Kenrett Y. Jefferson Moore


Other: Predictive Modeling Using Logistic Regression, SAS, 2016

Other: Applied Business Analytics, SAS, 2015

Other: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008

Other: 2006

Other: North Carolina State University, 2006

Ph D: Agricultural Business and Management, General, Auburn University, 2004

MS: Agribusiness Management, Alabama A&M University, 1998

BS: Agricultural Economics (Agribusiness), Southern University and A&M College, 1996

Research Interests

Local and Organic Food Markets

Recent Publications

Legesse,  Befikadu  Jefferson Moore,  Kenrett  Thomas,  Terrence  ( 2017).  Impacts of land tenure and property rights on reforestation intervention in Ethiopia.  no  ( 70,  pp. 494-499).   Land Use Policy.

Jefferson Moore,  Kenrett  Bekkerman,  Anton  Piggott,  Nicholas  Goodwin,  Barry  Palat,  Sethu  Turner,  Canisha  ( 2015).  Potential check-off benefits to farmers in the presence of wind-borne diseases.  ( 5,  7,  pp. 176-177).   Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.

Jefferson Moore,  Kenrett  Robbins,  Richard  Johnson,  Daniel   Bradford,  Jackie  ( 2014).  Consumer preferences for local food products in North Carolina.  ( 1,  45,  pp. 41-46).   Journal of Food Distribution Research.

Salifou-Labo,  Sawde  Jefferson Moore,  Kenrett  Turner,  Canisha  ( 2013).  Potential factors contributing to undergraduate enrollment in agricultural economics and agribusiness and management at land-grant institutions.  ( 57,  pp. 51-56).   North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Journal.

Jefferson Moore,  Kenrett  ( 2013).  The effect of perches in cages during pullet rearing and egg laying on hen performance .  ( 92,  pp. 310-320).   Poultry Science .

Jefferson Moore,  Kenrett  ( 2012).  A market-based mitigation program for wind-borne diseases.  ( 2,  41,  pp. 175-188).   Agricultural and Resource Economics Review.

Jefferson Moore,  Kenrett  ( 2012).  Early access to perches in caged White Leghorn pullets .  ( 91,  pp. 2114-2120).   Poultry Science .

Jefferson Moore,  Kenrett  Draper,  Sonya  ( 2010).  Integrated Technology into Food and Agribusiness Industries Summer Program.  ( 12,  pp. 10-14).   NCCTTE Technology Education Journal .