Jerono P. Rotich


DepartmentHuman Performance and Leisure Studies


OfficeCorbett Sports Center
Room: 215

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Jerono P. Rotich


Ph D: Exercise and Sports Science , University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2004

MSED: Physical Education, State University of New York, 1999

BA: Physical and Health Education , Kenyatta University, 1995

Research Interests

Exercise Science, Obesity and behavior modification through physical activity and sports , immigrant and refugee acculturation; global and international education; underserved youth and cultural competence as a viable solution to decreasing health disparities and obesity among diverse minority populations.

Recent Publications

ROTICH,  JERONO  ( 2018).  Perspective On Diversity And Inclusion: My Reflection on Diversity.  In Page Valentine,  The Journal of Best Practices in Health Professionals Diversity: Research, Education and Policy  ( 1,  11,  pp. 66-68).   The Journal of Best Practices in Health Professionals Diversity: Research, Education and Policy.

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Rotich,  Jerono  ( 2017).  Critical Conscious Approach in Re-conceptualizing “The New Normal” of Kenya Education.  In Gitau, M. (2017). Kenyan Education System: Are We Are preparing Students to Meet Current Global Needs and Challenges. BookBaby. 

Jackson,  Nicole  Thompson,  Asia  Lee,  Minyong  Rotich,  Jerono  Fuller,  Tiffany  ( 2017).  Impact of spectator motivation on long-term league sustainability for Women's basketball league.  ( 1,  14,  pp. 519-527).   Journal of Human Sciences.

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