John P. Roop

TitleAssociate Professor



OfficeMarteena Hall
Room: 233A

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

John P. Roop


Ph D: Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, 2004

MS: Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University, 2001

BS: Mathematics, Roanoke College, 1999

Research Interests

Numerical analysis. Undergraduate research. Scholarship of teaching and learning.

Recent Publications

Kurepa,  Alexandra  Roop,  John  Edoh,  Kossi  ( 2019).  Changing Students Perception of Mathematics Through Active Learning.  ( 11,  1,  pp. 29-39).   International Journal of Education.

Roop,  John  Edoh,  Kossi  Kurepa,  Alexandra  ( 2018).  Instructional Selection of Active Learning and Traditional Courses Increases Student Achievement in College Mathematics.  ( 7,  5,  pp. 11-19).   Journal of Education and Learning.

Ervin,  Vincent  Heuer,  Norbert  Roop,  John  ( 2018).  Regularity of the Solution to 1-D Fractional Order Diffusion Equations.  ( 87,  pp. 2273-2294).   Mathematics of Computation.

Edoh,  Kossi  Roop,  John  Park,  Choongseok  Deeb,  Ahmad  ( 2016).  Calculus for Business and Technology workbook.    Pearson Education.

Bililign,  Solomon  Schimmel,  Keith  Roop,  John  Meyerson,  Gregory  ( 2015).  A university without departments and colleges -A new structure to strengthen disciplinary and interdisciplinary education and research.  ( 3,  11,  ).   International Journal for Innovation Education and Research.

Roop,  John  ( 2013).  Article.  In Yinnian He,  No  ( 974284,  2013,  pp. 8).   Advances in Numerical Analysis/Hindawi.