Jian Han

TitleAssociate Professor




OfficeBarnes Hall
Room: 206

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Jian Han


Ph D: Nutrition, Pennsylvania State University, 2001

MS: Nutritional Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa, 1997

MS: Zoology, Nankai University, 1995

BS: Ecology and Environmental Biology, Nankai University, 1992

Research Interests

My research activities focus on nutrition modulation of complex diseases, with an emphasis on iron metabolism. Iron is an essential nutrient for all living cells. It is involved in DNA synthesis, energy production, and enzymatic reactions. It also interacts with other nutrients and modifies the expression of many genes. Both my graduate and post-graduate work emphasized iron storage and transfer protein expression in either normal or diseased conditions. Two major projects are 1) the investigation of iron-induced oxidative stress and neurotoxicity in obesity; 2) the effect of dietary iron manipulation on insulin sensitivity in obese mice.

Recent Publications

Kalan,  Mohammad  Sis,  Hassan  Goins,  Gregory  Harrison,  Scott  Kelkar,  Vinaya  Jafarabadi,  Mohammad  Han,  Jian  ( 2018).  The Identification of Risk Factors Associated with Patient and Healthcare System Delays in the Treatment of Tuberculosis in Tabriz, Iran.  ( 1,  18,  pp. 174).   BMC Public Health.

Liu,  Lumei  Byrd,  Aria  Plummer,  Justin  Erikson,  Keith  Harrison,  Scott  Han,  Jian  ( 2016).  The Effects of Dietary Fat and Iron Interaction on Brain Regional Iron Contents and Stereotypical Behaviors in Male C57BL/6J Mice.  ( 3,  pp. 20).   Frontiers in Nutrition.

Xie,  Zhijian  Harrison,  Scott  Torti,  Suzy  Torti,  Frank  Han,  Jian  ( 2013).  Application of circuit simulation method for differential modeling of TIM-2 iron uptake and metabolism in mouse kidney cells. .  ( 136,  4,  pp. 1-9).   Frontiers in Physiology.

Han,  Jian  Seaman,  W  Xiu,  D  Wang,  W  Torti,  F  Torti,  S  ( 2011).  Iron uptake mediated by binding of H-ferritin to the TIM-2 receptor in mouse cells.  ( 8,  6,  ).   Plosone.

Bailey,  G  Han,  Jian  Wright,  Donela  Graves,  Joseph  ( 2011).  Religously expressed fatalism and the perceived need for science and scientific process to empower agency.  ( 3,  2,  pp. 55-58).   The international journal of science in society.

Han,  Jian  Thompson-Lowrey,  AJ  Reiss,  A  Mayorov,  V  Jia,  H  Bousse,  V  Newman,  NJ  Brown,  MD  ( 2006).  OPA1 mutations and mitochondrial DNA haplotypes in autosomal dominant optic atrophy.  ( 4,  8,  pp. 217-25).   Genetic Medicine.

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