Jacqueline Williams

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentMarketing, Transportation & Supply Chain



OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 344

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Jacqueline Williams


Ph D: Marketing, Florida State University, 1995

MBA: Business Administration, University of Delaware, 1988

BS: Commerce and Engineering - Human Resource Management , Drexel University, 1982

Research Interests

My research goal is to contribute to the marketing discipline through original, programmatic inquiry into the service encounter with a particular focus on the dynamic interaction between the organization’s front-line boundary spanner and the customer. My research program explores the dynamics of service encounters of various market segments in a variety of contexts. My research also addresses education, and curriculum development in the area of sales, customer service, customer satisfaction, customer dissatisfaction, complaining behavior, sales-force ethics, and leadership development of front-line workers.

Recent Publications

Woodham,  Omar  Williams,  Jacqueline  Mcneil,  Kimberly  ( 2016).  Toward Understanding Attribute Values at Different Price Tiers.  In Gillian Naylor  ( 29,  pp. 91-117).   Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction, and Complaining Behavior .

Williams,  Jacqueline  Dobie,  Kathryn  ( 2014).  Electronic Reverse Auctions (e-RAs): Professional Selling and Purchasing Students’ Reflections e-sourcing Principles.  ( 2,  3,  pp. 153-171).   Atlantic Marketing Journal.

Harris,  Kendra  Thomas,  Lionel  Williams,  Jacqueline  ( 2013).  An Interpretation of Interactional Justice Dimensions for Online Complaint and Offline Complaint Consumers: Exploring the Issue of Anonymity.  ( 26,  pp. 19–39).   The Journal of Consumer Satisfaction, Dissatisfaction and Complaining Behavior.

Williams,  Jacqueline  Mcneil,  Kimberly  ( 2011).  A modified travel career ladder model for understanding academic travel behavior.  ( 4,  ).   Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business.

Williams,  Jacqueline  Dobie,  Kathryn  ( 2011).  Electronic Reverse Auctions: Integrating an E-Sourcing tool into a Sales and Purchasing Cross-course Negotiation Projects.  ( 1,  21,  pp. 35-42).   Marketing Education Review.

Stewart,  Alice  Williams,  Jacqueline  Smith-Gratto,  Karen  Black,  Sylvia  Kane,  Betty  ( 2011).  Examining the impact of pedagogy on student application of learning: Acquiring, sharing, and using knowledge for organizational decision making.  ( 1,  9,  pp. 3–26).   Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education.

Stewart,  Alice  Williams,  Jacqueline  ( 2010).  Evaluating Traditional Training versus Computer Simulation Training for Leader Development.    ASTD Handbook for Measuring and Evaluating Training.

Stewart,  Alice  Black,  Sylvia  Smith-Gratto,  Karen  Williams,  Jacqueline  ( 2007).  Learning from experience: creating leadership capabilities through computer simulated leadership challenges.  ( 3,  2,  pp. 250–268).   International Journal of Learning and Change.

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