Shanthi N. Iyer


DepartmentElectrical and Computer Engineering



OfficeMcNair Hall and JSNN
Room: 536/I106

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Shanthi N. Iyer


Ph D: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, 1983

MS: Physics, University of Delhi, 1977

Other: French, University of Delhi, 1975

BS: Physics, University of Delhi, 1974

Research Interests

Nanostructured materials and optoelectronic devices, molecular beam epitaxy, transparent amorphous oxide thin film transistors for flexible electronics and solar cells

Recent Publications

Sharma, Manish  Deshmukh, Prithviraj  Kasanaboina, Pavan  Reynolds, Lewis  Liu, Yang   Iyer, Shanthi  (2017).  Growth of Defect-Free GaAsSbN Axial Nanowires via Self-Catalyzed Molecular Beam Epitaxy.  In IOP  (32,  pp. 125003 (8 pp)).  Semiconductor Science and Technology.

Ahmad, Estiak   Karim, Md  Hafiz, Shihab  Reynolds, Lew  Liu, Yang   Iyer, Shanthi  (2017).  A Two-Step Growth Pathway for High Sb Incorporation in GaAsSb Nanowires in the Telecommunication Wavelength Range.  In Nature  (10111,  7,  pp. 12 ).  Scientific Reports.

Sharma, Manish  Karim, Md  Kasanaboina, Pavan  Li, Jia  Iyer, Shanthi  (2017).  Pitch-Induced Bandgap Tuning in Self-Catalyzed Growth of Patterned GaAsSb Axial and GaAs/GaAsSb Core-Shell Nanowires using MBE.  In American Chemical Society  (17,  pp. 730-737).  Crystal Growth and Design.

Ahmad, Estiak   Ojha, Sai  Kasanaboina, Pavan  Reynolds, Lew  Liu, Yang   Iyer, Shanthi  (2017).  Bandgap Tuning in GaAs1-x Sbx Axial Nanowires Grown by Ga-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy .  In IOP  (32,  pp. 035002 (10 pp)).  Semiconductor Science and Technology.

Ahmad, Estiak   Kasanaboina, Pavan  Karim, Md  Sharma, Manish  Reynolds, Lew  Liu, Yang   Iyer, Shanthi  (2016).  Te Incorporation in GaAs1-x Sbx Nanowires and P-I-N Axial Structure.  In IOP  (31,  pp. 8).  Semiconductor science and technology.

Ojha, Sai   Kasanaboina, Pavan  Reynolds, Lewis   Rawdanowicz, Thomas   Liu, Yang   White, Ryan   Iyer, Shanthi  (2016).  Incorporation of Be Dopant in GaAs Core and Core-Shell Nanowires by Molecular Beam Epitaxy.  (2,  34,  pp. 02L114-1-02L114-6).  Journal of Vauum Science and Technology B.

Kasanaboina,  Pavan   Sharma, Manish  Deshmukh, Prithviraj   Reynolds, Lewis   Iyer, Shanthi  (2016).  Effects of Annealing on GaAs/GaAsSbN/GaAs Core-Multi Shell Nanowires.  (1,  11,  pp. 1-6).  Nanoscale Research Letters.

Kasanaboina,  Pavan Kumar   Ojha, Sai Krishna  Sami, Shifat  Reynolds, Lewis   Liu, Yang   Iyer, Shanthi  (2016).  Effect of Growth Parameters and Substrate Surface Preparation for High Density Vertical GaAs/GaAsSb Core-shell Nanowires with Photoluminescence Emission at 1.3 µm.  In Springer  (4,  45,  pp. 2108-2114).  Journal of Electronic Materials.

Kasanaboina , Pavan   Ojha, Sai   Sami , Shifat   Reynolds, Lewis   Liu , Yang   Iyer, Shanthi  (2015).  Bandgap Tuning of GaAs/GaAsSb Core-Shell Nanowires Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy.  (105036,  30,  pp. 10).  Semiconductor Science and Technology.