Tenured and Tenure Track Faculty & Staff Listing


College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences  

Ahmedna, Mohamed S. Professor ahmedna@ncat.edu
Alexander, Ramine C. Associate Professor Benbow Hall Room: 202-A rcalexander@ncat.edu
Alston, Antoine J. Professor Carver Hall alstona@ncat.edu
Anele, Uchenna Y.  Assistant Professor Webb Hall, Room: 252C uyanele@ncat.edu 
Aryal, Niroj Assistant Proffessor Sockwell Hall, Room: 120 naryal@ncat.edu  
Bhowmik, Arnab Assistant Proffessor Carver Hall Room: 235B abhowmik@ncat.edu
Chen, Guibing  Associate Professor UNC Nutrition Research Building- NC Research Campus, Room: 4148 gchen@ncat.edu 
Colleran, Heather  Assistant Professor Benbow Hall, Room: 205A hcolleran@ncat.edu 
Dixon, Devona Linette Assistant Professor Benbow Hall, Room: 208-A dldixon@ncat.edu 
Ejimakor, Godfrey C. Professor Carver Hall, Room: 167 ejimakor@ncat.edu 
English, Chastity W. Associate Professor Carver Hall, Room: 251-A ckwarren@ncat.edu 
Fasina, Yewande  Assistant Professor B.C. Webb Hall, Room: 252a yfasina@ncat.edu
Faulkner, Paula E. Associate Professor Charles H. Moore Ag Research Station Room: A-21 pefaulkn@ncat.edu
Gayle, Godfrey A. Professor Sockwell Hall, Room: 118 gayle@ncat.edu 
Gentry, Andrea R. Assistant Professor B.C. Webb Hall, Room: 107F argentry@ncat.edu 
Giddings, Valerie L. Associate Professor Charles H. Moore Ag Research Building Room: B-16 vlgiddin@ncat.edu
Hopfer, Elizabeth N. Associate Professor Benbow Hall, Room: 208C eanewcom@ncat.edu 
House, Sherrell Hicklen Assistant Professor Benbow Hall, Room: 202B shhouse@ncat.edu
Hymon-Parker, Shirley J. Professor Webb Hall, Room: 111 sjhymonp@ncat.edu
Ibrahim, Salam A. Professor Carver Hall, Room: 171 ibrah001@ncat.edu 
Isikhuemhen, Omoanghe Samuel Professor Carver Hall, Room: 207 omon@ncat.edu
Jackai, Louis E. Professor Carver Hall, Room: 238 lejackai@ncat.edu 
Jefferson Moore, Kenrett Y. Professor Carver Hall, Room: 154-A jykenret@ncat.edu 
Kang, Hye Won  Assistant Professor Carver Hall, Room: 171-D hkang@ncat.edu 
Lee, Sung Jin  Associate Professor Charles H. Moore Ag Research Building Room: A23 slee@ncat.edu
Liang, Chyi Lyi  Professor Coltrane Hall, Room: 105 B cliang@ncat.edu 
Mcmillan, Valerie J. Associate Professor Benbow Hall, Room: 111 vmcmilla@ncat.edu
Minor, Radiah Corn Associate Professor B.C. Webb Hall, Room: 107h rcminor@ncat.edu
Noble, Ralph C. Associate Professor B.C. Webb Hall, Room: 101 rcnoble@ncat.edu
Randle, William Professor Carver Hall, Room: 235A wrandle@ncat.edu
Sang, Shengmin Associate Professor Nutrition Research Institute Building, North Carolina Research Campus Room: 4222 ssang@ncat.edu
Shahbazi, Abolghasem Professor Sockwell Hall, Room: 107 ash@ncat.edu 
Silva, Roberta Claro Da Assistant Professor Benbow Hall, Room: 205B rcsilva@ncat.edu
Tahergorabi, Reza  Associate Professor Carver Hall, Room: 171- B rtahergo@ncat.edu
Thomas, Terrence W. Professor Charles H. Moore Ag Research Building Room: A-36 twthomas@ncat.edu
Uzochukwu, Godfrey  Professor Carver Hall, Room: 259 uzo@ncat.edu
Wang, Lijun  Professor Sockwell Hall, Room: 121 lwang@ncat.edu
Waterman, Jenora Denise Associate Professor B.C. Webb Hall, Room: 229e jdwaterm@ncat.edu 
Williams, Leonard L. Professor UNC Nutrition Research Building Room: 4222 llw@ncat.edu 
Williams-Wheeler, Meeshay Associate Professor Benbow Hall, Room: 202-C mwwheele@ncat.edu
Worku, Mulumebet  Professor B.C. Webb Hall, Room: 229B worku@ncat.edu
Yang, Guochen  Professor Carver Hall, Room: 224-A yangg@ncat.edu
Yeboah, Osei-Agyemang  Professor Charles H. Moore Ag Research Building Room: A-25 oyeboah@ncat.edu

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences  

Ahmad, Anjail Rashida Associate Professor General Classroom Building Room: A427 arahmad@ncat.edu 
Alston, Kortni F. Assistant Professor kfalston1@ncat.edu
Armstrong, Ayanna R. Associate Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 230 ararmst3@ncat.edu 
Barnhill, James E. Associate Professor Frazier Hall jebarnhi@ncat.edu 
Bravo De Rueda, Jose A. Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A207 bravoj@ncat.edu 
Bryant, Kendra N. Assistant Professor General Classroom Building, Room: 436 knbryant2@ncat.edu
Callahan, Linda F. Professor Crosby Hall, Room: 223 lindac@ncat.edu 
Carter, Roymieco  Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room: 204 rcarter1@ncat.edu
Cundall, Michael K.  Associate Professor Academic Classroom Building, Room: 110A mcundall@ncat.edu 
Depolo, Jason R. Assistant Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A-433 jdepolo@ncat.edu 
Fonge, Fuabeh P. Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 336 fpfonge@ncat.edu 
Foresman, Galen Ahren Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room: 403 gaforesm@ncat.edu 
Hamblet, Wendy C. Professor General Classroom Building, Room: 204 whamblet@ncat.edu
Hakeem, Farrukh B. Associate Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 228 fbhakeem@ncat.edu 
Harper, Kimberly C. Assistant Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A-440 kharper@ncat.edu
Henry, John P. Associate Professor Frazier Hall, Room: 112 jphenry@ncat.edu 
Hooker, Willie F. Professor Frazier Hall arthooks@ncat.edu 
Hornsby, Karen L. Professor General Classroom Building, Room: 405 klhornsb@ncat.edu 
Horton, Gregory J. Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A 322 gjhorton@ncat.edu 
Humphrey, John F. Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A-311 jfhumphr@ncat.edu 
Ikegwu, Chinedum Emmanuel Professor General Classroom Building, Room: 307 ikegwue@ncat.edu 
Kamalipour, Yahya R. Professor Crosby Hall, Room: 127 ykamalip@ncat.edu
Kulii, Elon Ali Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A-452 ekulii@ncat.edu 
Lucky, Miller Associate Professor General Classroom Building mlucky@ncat.edu
Meyerson, Gregory D. Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A-449 gdmeyers@ncat.edu 
Ndege, Conchita F. Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 317A ndegec@ncat.edu
Nieman, Valerie G. Professor General Classroom Building, Room: 425 GCB vgnieman@ncat.edu
Parker, Jeffrey D. Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A-444 jeffrey@ncat.edu 
Porter, Thomas E. Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 328 portert@ncat.edu
Richardson, Jeffrey I Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A302J jeffrich@ncat.edu 
Rubio, Phil F. Associate Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 321 pfrubio@ncat.edu
Schwartzott, Amy  Assistant Professor Dudley Hall, Room: 103 aschwart@ncat.edu 
Smallwood, Arwin  Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 324 asmallwo@ncat.edu 
Smith, Federick H. Assistant Professor fhsmith@ncat.edu 
Smith, Kimberly C. Associate Professor Crosby Hall, Room: 119 kcsmith1@ncat.edu 
Spencer-Maor, Faye E. Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A-450 fsmaor@ncat.edu 
Steele, James D. Associate Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 232 steelej@ncat.edu
Teleha, John C. Associate Professor F.D. Bluford Library, Library Services teleha@ncat.edu
Tidwell, David O. Assistant Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A-433 dotidwel@ncat.edu 
Uwakweh, Pauline A. Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room: 446 pauwakwe@ncat.edu
Vactor, Vanita  Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A-302 vvactor@ncat.edu
Vaughan, Charles J. Assistant Professor Dudley Hall, Room: 012 cjvaughan@ncat.edu 
Waymer, Damion  Professor General Classroom Building, Room: 454 dwaymer@ncat.edu 
Whitley, Sheila M. Associate Professor Crosby Hall, Room: 319 whitley@ncat.edu
Wiggins, Gail Boone Assistant Professor Crosby Hall, Room: 221 gwiggins@ncat.edu 
Williams, Darius Omar Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A302E dowilliams@ncat.edu 
Wood, James A. Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 330 woodj@ncat.edu
Zhang, Xueying Assistant Professor Crosby Hall, Room: 122 xzhang2@ncat.edu
Zhang, Yunqiu  Associate Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 334 yzhang@ncat.edu

College of Business and Economics  

Akan, Obasi Haki Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 316 ohakan@ncat.edu
Andres, Hayward P. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 305 hpandres@ncat.ed
Asiseh, Fafanyo Assistant Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 133 fasiseh@ncat.edu 
Bish, Adelle Associate Professor abish@ncat.edu 
Burkey, Mark L. Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 143 burkeym@ncat.edu 
Chen, David Y. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 107 chend@ncat.edu 
Cho, Se Ho Professor shcho@ncat.edu
Cort, Kathryn T. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 115 ktcort@ncat.edu 
Davis, Malissa L Assistant Professor mrdavis5@ncat.edu
Drye, Sherrie Lynn Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 342 sldrye@ncat.edu
Ducking, Johnny Clanard Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 137 jcduckin@ncat.edu 
Edmond, Verona Patrice Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 210 vpedmond@ncat.edu
Edwards, Jeffrey A. Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 240 jaedwar2@ncat.edu 
Fleming, Marka B. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 311 flemingm@ncat.edu 
Gagnon, Roger J. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 227 gagnonr@ncat.edu  
Gaytan, Jorge A Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 131 jagaytan@ncat.edu 
Hensley, Rhonda L. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 146 hensleyr@ncat.edu 
Highsmith-Quick, Gwendolyn J. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 216 highsmig@ncat.edu 
Holmes, Jeanne J. Assistant Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 231 jjholmes@ncat.edu 
Huscroft Jr, Joseph R. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 325 jrhuscroftjr@ncat.edu 
James, Kevin Lamont Associate Professor Craig Hall, Room: 401 kljames@ncat.edu 
Johnson, Alice M. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 320 amjohns1@ncat.edu 
Johnston, Ahren Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 325 ajohnston@ncat.edu 
Kasibhatla, Krishna M. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 103 kmkasibh@ncat.edu 
Kelly, Stephanie E. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 343 sekelly@ncat.edu
Khanlarian, Cynthia J. Assistant Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 244 cjkhanlarian@ncat.edu 
Kurkalova, Lyubov A. Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 114 lakurkal@ncat.edu 
Leak, Roland L. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 317 rlleak@ncat.edu
Leaven, Laquanda Temeca Assistant Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 337 ltleaven@ncat.edu 
Lester, Wanda F lesterw@ncat.edu
Lind, Mary R. Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 340 lindm@ncat.edu
Lomo-David, Ewuukgem  Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 219 lomoe@ncat.edu 
Malone, Charles F. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 243 malonec@ncat.edu 
McCoy, Nicole Renee Assistant Professor nrmccoy@ncat.edu
Mcbride, Maranda E. Associate Professor Craig Hall, Room: 402 mcbride@ncat.edu  
Mcewen, Thaddeus  Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 142 mcewent@ncat.edu 
Mcfadden-Wade, Gwendolyn  Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 233 mcfaddeg@ncat.edu
Mcneil, Kimberly R. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 315 krmcneil@ncat.edu 
Mehta, Anju Associate Professor amehta@ncat.edu
Morgan, Shona Davidson Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 319 smorgan@ncat.edu
Naanwaab, Cephas Banlenan Assistant Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 117 cbnaanwa@ncat.edu 
Obeng, Kofi  Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 213 obengk@ncat.edu
Okafor, Collins Emeka Assistant Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 205 ceokafor@ncat.edu 
Owens-Jackson, Lisa A. Associate Professor Craig Hall, Room: 413 laowensj@ncat.edu 
Phillips, Brandis  Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 229 bphillip@ncat.edu 
Reid, Joseph  Assistant Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 135 jreid12@ncat.edu 
Rogers, Patrick R. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 112 rogersp@ncat.edu
Romero Aguirre, Alfredo Alejandro Assistant Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 212 aaromero@ncat.edu 
Sakano, Ryoichi  Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 120 sakanory@ncat.edu
Shipps, Belinda P. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 144 bpshipps@ncat.edu 
Simkins, Scott P. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 110 simkinss@ncat.edu
Snyder, Lisa Gueldenzoph Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 324 lguelden@ncat.edu 
Stewart, Alice C. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 331 acstewa1@ncat.edu 
Stone, George W. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 310 gwstone@ncat.edu 
Swan, George S. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 220 swan@ncat.edu
Theuri, Peter M. Associate Professor pmtheuri@ncat.edu
Tupper, Christina  Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 333 ctupper@ncat.edu 
Turner, Pamela A. Assistant Professor paturner1@ncat.edu 
Ugboro, Isaiah O. Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 214 ugboroi@ncat.edu
Wang, Hong  Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 303 hwang@ncat.edu 
Williams, Jacqueline  Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 344 jacq@ncat.edu 
Winchester, Danielle D. Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 207 ddwinche@ncat.edu 
Woodham, Omar Peyton Associate Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 329 opwoodha@ncat.edu
Yao, Jianfeng  Assistant Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 109 jyao@ncat.edu 
Yap, Alexander Y. Assistant Professor Merrick Hall, Room: 324 ayyap@ncat.edu 

College of Education   

Allen, Monica E. Assistant Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 144 meallen1@ncat.edu
Alston, Geleana Drew Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 140 gdalston@ncat.edu 
Augustine, Shirlene  Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 331 saugusti@ncat.edu
Bethea, Patricia D. Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 345 betheap@ncat.edu 
Booth, Caroline S. Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 349 csbooth@ncat.edu 
Brooks, Michael  Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 366 mbrooks1@ncat.edu 
Carter, Tyrette S. Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 227 tscarte1@ncat.edu
Dentith, Audrey M. Professor Dowdy Administrative Building, Room: 312 amdentith@ncat.edu
Dobbins, Nicole  Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 270 nwdobbin@ncat.edu
Dowden, Angel Monique Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 325 amdowden@ncat.edu 
Dunham, Shea Michelle Associate Professor Proctor Hall, ROom: 368 smdunham@ncat.edu
Dunlap, Paige Nicole Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 365 pdunlap@ncat.edu
Erwin, Kimberly D. Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 122 kderwin@ncat.edu 
Ethridge, Glacia  Assistant Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 372 gethridg@ncat.edu 
Ferguson, Robert Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 274 rferguson1@ncat.edu 
Floyd, Loury O. Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 380 lfloyd@ncat.edu 
Fort, Edward B. Distinguished Professor Bluford Library, Room: 357 fort@ncat.edu 
Guy, Thurman N. Assistant Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 247 thurmang@ncat.edu
Gwyn, Natalie Spencer Assistant Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 329 nsgwyn@ncat.edu
Jackson, Karen Terrell Assistant Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 142 ktjackson@ncat.edu
James, Ioney  Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 245 ijames@ncat.edu 
Kea, Cathy D. Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 247 cdkea@ncat.edu 
Kim, Tae-Hee  Assistant Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 323 tkim@ncat.edu
McCary-Henderson, Stephen Lee Proctor Hall, Room: 226 mccarrys@ncat.edu
Mcquitty, Deana Lacy Assistant Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A319 dlmcquit@ncat.edu 
Okpala, Comfort O. Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 110 cookpala@ncat.edu 
Smith, Nichole L. Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 232 nlsmith2@ncat.edu
Smith, Shon D Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 367 sdsmith5@ncat.edu
Spencer, Natalie Faye Assistant Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 329 nfspence@ncat.edu
Taliaferro, Alisa S. Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 382 astaliaf@ncat.edu 
Thornton, Davi Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 224 dthornton@ncat.edu
Webb, Jared Neil Assistant Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 246 jnwebb@ncat.edu
Webb, Tammy T. Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 333 ttwebb@ncat.edu
Whittaker, Tyra N. Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 368 tnwhitta@ncat.edu
Williams, Brian Keith Associate Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 277 bkwilliams1@ncat.edu
Williams, Nakeshia N. Assistant Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 235 nnwilliams1@ncat.edu
Wolfgang, Jeff D.  Assistant Professor Proctor Hall, Room: 367 jdwolfgang@ncat.edu 

College of Engineering  

Abu-Lebdeh, Taher M. Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 437B taher@ncat.edu
Adewuyi, Yusuf G. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 317 adewuyi@ncat.edu 
Anwar, Mohd  Associate Professor Cherry Hall, Room: 304 manwar@ncat.edu 
Atkinson, Michael D. Assistant Professor McNair Hall, Room 606 mdatkinson@ncat.edu
Azad, Mohammad A. Assistant Professor McNair Hall, Room: 330 maazad@ncat.edu
Bailey, Ronnie S. Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 458 phase@ncat.edu
Basha, Omar M. Assistant Professor ombasha@ncat.edu
Bhattarai, Narayan  Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 326 nbhattar@ncat.edu
Bikdash, Marwan U. Professor Fort IRC, Room: 310 bikdash@ncat.edu 
Bryant, Kelvin S. Associate Professor Cherry Hall, Room: 303 ksbryant@ncat.edu 
Chandrasekaran, Arvind Assistant Professor McNair Hall, Room: 347 achandra@ncat.edu
Coger-Simmons, Robin Professor McNair Hall, Room: 651 rncoger@ncat.edu
Davis, Lauren  Professor McNair Hall, Room: 404 lbdavis@ncat.edu 
Desai, Salil S. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 422-B sdesai@ncat.edu
Dogan, Numan S. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 539 dogan@ncat.edu 
Doss, Christopher C. Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 345 cdoss@ncat.edu 
Dunn, Derome Osmond Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 623 derome@ncat.edu 
Edmonson, William W. Professor Cherry Hall, Room: 323 wwedmons@ncat.edu
Eroglu, Abdullah Professor aeroglu@ncat.edu
Esterline, Albert C. Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 517 esterlin@ncat.edu 
Ferguson, Frederick  Professor McNair Hall, Room: 621 fferguso@ncat.edu
Graves, Corey Albert Professor McNair Hall, Room: 347 cag@ncat.edu 
Hamoush, Sameer Professor sameer@ncat.edu 
Homaifar, Abdollah  Professor McNair Hall, Room: 537 homaifar@ncat.edu 
Ilias, Shamsuddin  Professor McNair Hall, Room: 314 ilias@ncat.edu 
Iyer, Shanthi N. Professor McNair Hall and JSNN
Room: 536/I106
Jha, Manoj Kumar Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 436 mkjha@ncat.edu
Jiang, Steven Xiaochun Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 426B xjiang@ncat.edu
Kabadi, Vinayak N. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 331 B kabadi@ncat.edu
Karimoddini, Ali  Assistant Professor McNair Hall, Room: 524 akarimod@ncat.edu 
Kc, Dukka B. Assistant Professor Fort IRC, Room: 303 dbkc@ncat.edu 
Kelly, John C. Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 552 jck@ncat.edu
Kim, Hyung Nam Assistant Professor McNair Hall, Room: 423 hnkim@ncat.edu 
Kim, Jung Hee  Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 506 jungkim@ncat.edu 
Kim, Jung H. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 535 kim@ncat.edu 
Kizito, John P. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 601 jpkizito@ncat.edu 
Knisley, Stephen Bruce Professor McNair Hall, Room: 341 sbknisle@ncat.edu
Kumar, Dhananjay Professor McNair Hall, Room: 621 dkumar@ncat.edu 
Li, Zhichao Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 403 zli@ncat.edu
Limbrick, Daniel B. Assistant Professor McNair Hall, Room: 525 dblimbri@ncat.edu 
Lou, Jianzhong  Professor Fort IRC, Room: 217 lou@ncat.edu 
Luster Teasley, Stephanie L. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 448 luster@ncat.edu
Mccullough, Matthew B. Assistant Professor McNair Hall, Room: 327 mattbm@ncat.edu 
Megri, Ahmed C. Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 454 acmegri@ncat.edu
Park, Eui H. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 401 park@ncat.edu
Park, Hyoshin Associate Professor hpark1@ncat.edu 
Picornell-Darder, Miguel  Professor McNair Hall, Room: 436 mpicorne@ncat.edu
Powell, Robert L. Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 451 rpowell@ncat.edu
Qu, Xiuli  Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 424 xqu@ncat.edu
Ram, Bala Professor ram@ncat.edu
Roy, Kaushik  Assistant Professor McNair Hall, Room: 505 kroy@ncat.edu 
Sankar, Jagannathan  Distinguished Professor Fort IRC, Room: 242 sankar@ncat.edu
Seong, Younho  Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 422-A yseong@ncat.edu
Shivakumar, Kunigal  Professor Fort IRC, Room: 205 kunigal@ncat.edu 
Smith-Jackson, Tonya L. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 408 tlsmithj@ncat.edu
Stanfield, Paul Michael Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 403 stanfiel@ncat.edu
Sullivan, Allison K. Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 504 aksullivan@ncat.edu
Sundaresan, Mannur  Professor McNair Hall, Room: 615 mannur@ncat.edu 
Tatterson, Gary B. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 622 gbt@ncat.edu 
Uitenham, Leonard C. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 331A u10ham@ncat.edu
Vogiatzis, Chrysafis Assistant Professor McNair Hall, Room: 405 cvogiatzis@ncat.edu
Wang, Shih-Liang  Professor McNair Hall, Room: 603 wang@ncat.edu
Williams, Kenneth A. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 503 williams@ncat.edu
Xie, Zhijian  Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 534 zxie@ncat.edu
Xu, Jinsheng  Associate Professor McNair Hall, Room: 521 jxu@ncat.edu 
Yi, Sun  Associate Professor McNair Hall room: 604 syi@ncat.edu
Yu, Huiming A. Professor McNair Hall, Room: 501 cshmyu@ncat.edu 
Yuan, Xiahong Professor xhyuan@ncat.edu 
Yun, Yeo Heung  Associate Professor Fort IRC, Room: 119 yyun@ncat.edu
Zhao, Renzun Assistant Professor McNair Hall, Room: 437-A rzhao@ncat.edu

College of Health and Human Sciences 

Ajibade, Phoebe Butler Associate Professor Corbett Sports Center, Room: 202 pbajibad@ncat.edu
An, Soonok  Assistant Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 112A san@ncat.edu 
Ankomah, Paul K. Professor Corbett Sports Center, Room: Rm. 205 pankom@ncat.edu
Baffour, Tiffany Doniece Associate Professor tdbaffour@ncat.edu
Barnes, Arnold  Associate Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 201A abarnes@ncat.edu 
Brown, Bobbie Assistant Professor bbrown3@ncat.edu
Brown, LaShanda Y. Assistant Professor lybrown@ncat.edu
Carey, Phillip  Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 206G careyp@ncat.edu 
Cook, Marc D. Assistant Professor Corbett Sports Center, Room: 214A mdcook@ncat.edu
Corneille, Maya A. Associate Professor New Science Building, Room: 232 macornei@ncat.edu 
Dail, Teresa K. Associate Professor Corbett Sports Center, Room: 201 tkdail@ncat.edu
Davis, Amelia D. Assistant Professor Hines Hall, Room: 114 addavis8@ncat.edu 
Elliott, Gloria Horton Adjunct Faculty Corbett Sports Center, Room: 218 ghelliot@ncat.edu 
Exford, Tj Assistant Professor Corbett Sports Center, Rom: 214B
Ford-Booker, Phyllis A. Associate Professor New Science Building, Room: 363 bookerp@ncat.edu 
Fuller, Tiffany M. Associate Professor Corbett Sports Center, Room: G03 tf984181@ncat.edu
Germain, Cassandra M. Assistant Proffessor Science Building, Room: 226 cmgermain@ncat.edu
Hessmiller, Joanne M. Associate Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 112 jmhessmiller@ncat.edu 
Hoover, Evelyn Assistant Professor Noble Hall, Room: 215 ehoover@ncat.edu 
Ingram, Racquel Assistant Professor Noble Hall, Room: 230 ringram@ncat.edu
Jones, Kashima K.  Assistant Professor Noble Hall, Suite: 219, Room: 223 kc005822@ncat.edu 
Keyes, Alvin L. Associate Professor New Science Building, Room: 227 keyesa@ncat.edu 
King Bell, Kimberly Ann Assistant Professor kakingbell@ncat.edu
Larson, R. Trent  Associate Professor Corbett Sports Center, Room: 204 tlarson@ncat.edu
Lee, Minyong  Assistant Professor Corbett Sports Center, Room: G01-A mlee1@ncat.edu
Lee, Anna K. Associate Professor New Science Building, Room: 230 aklee1@ncat.edu 
Maldonado-Devincci, Antoinette M. Assistant Professor New Science Building, Room: 228 amdevinc@ncat.edu 
Melton, Diana I. Associate Professor Corbett Sports Center, Room: 203 dimelton@ncat.edu 
Morgan, Adrienne A. Assistant Professor New Science Building, Room: 362 aamorgan1@ncat.edu
Parker, Sharon D. Associate Professor Gibbs Hall , Room: 102C sdparke3@ncat.edu
Robinson, George  Associate Professor New Science Building, Room: 360C grobinso@ncat.edu 
Rotich, Jerono P. Professor Corbett Sports Center, Room:215 jprotich@ncat.edu 
Sciamama Saghiv, Moran Associate Professor Corbett Sports Center, Room: 216 mssaghiv@ncat.edu
Shears, Jeffrey K. Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 236 jkshears@ncat.edu 
Stephens, Joseph D. Associate Professor New Science Building, Room:364 jdstephe@ncat.edu 
Wade, Jeannette M Assistant Professor GIbbs Hall, Room: 206D jmwade1@ncat.edu
Walton, Tobin N. Assistant Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 206-D tnwalton@ncat.edu
Ward, Terry D. Associate Professor Noble Hall tdward@ncat.edu
Webb, Daniel  Associate Professor Corbett Sports Center, Room: 200 dwebb@ncat.edu 
Welch-Brewer, Chiquitia L. Assistant Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 112-C clwelchb@ncat.edu 
Teixeira Poit, Stephanie Assistant Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 206F steixeirapoit@ncat.edu

College of Science and Technology   

Ahmidouch, Abdellah  Professor Smith Hall, Room: 2004 abdellah@ncat.edu
Assefa, Zerihun  Professor New Science Building, Room: 348 zassefa@ncat.edu
Bangura, Bampia A. Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 232 babangur@ncat.edu 
Bastakoti, Bishnu P. Assistant Professor New Science Building, Room: 329 bpbastakoti@ncat.edu
Basti, Mufeed  Professor New Science Building, Room: 337 basti@ncat.edu
Bernot, Kelsie M. Assistant Professor Barnes Hall, Room: 211 kmbernot@ncat.edu
Bililign, Solomon 


Marteena 306, Gibbs 302, Lab- IRC 005/07 bililign@ncat.edu
Bock Hyeng, Christian A. Assistant Professor Price Hall, Room: 113 cbhyeng@ncat.edu
Brown, Dewayne Randolph Professor Price Hall, Room: 206 dbrown@ncat.edu
Burns, Shea D. Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 128 sburns@ncat.edu
Cai, Yi Assistant Professor Price Hall, Room: 124-A aycai@ncat.edu
Chen, Mingxiang  Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 234 chen@ncat.edu
Childress, Vincent  Professor Price Hall, Room: 116 childres@ncat.edu
Clemence, Dominic P. Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 110 clemence@ncat.edu
Cobb, Robert  Associate Professor Smith Hall, Room: 4005 rcobbjr@ncat.edu
Coomans, Roy J. Associate Professor Barnes Hall, Room: 104 & 223 coomansr@ncat.edu
Cousins-Cooper, Kathy M. Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 201-A cousinsk@ncat.edu
Danagoulian, Samuel  Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 300B danagous@ncat.edu
Deng, Dongyang Associate Professor Price Hall, Room: 119 ddeng@ncat.edu
Denton, Zachary  Assistant Professor Hines Hall, Room:123A zdenton@ncat.edu
Dong, Ming  Assistant Professor New Science Building, Room: 333 mdong@ncat.edu
Edoh, Kossi D. Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 110 kdedoh@ncat.edu
Ferguson, Alesia C. Associate Professor acferguson@ncat.edu
Franks, Marion A. Associate Professor New Science Building, Room: 340 mafranks@ncat.edu 
Gasparian, Ashot  Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 316 agaspari@ncat.edu
Gibson, Gregory A. Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 208 gagibson@ncat.edu 
Gloster, Clay Samuel Professor Smill Hall, Room: 2011 cgloster@ncat.edu 
Goins, Gregory D. Professor Barnes Hall, Room: G8 gdgoins@ncat.edu 
Graham, Tony  Associate Professor Smith Hall, Room: 3021 tgraham@ncat.edu
Gravely, Etta C. Associate Professor New Science Building, Room 334 gravely@ncat.edu 
Han, Jian  Associate Professor Barnes Hall, Room: 206 jhan@ncat.edu 
Harp, Julius  Associate Professor New Science Building, Room: 339 harpj@ncat.edu 
Harrison, Scott H. Assistant Professor Barnes Hall, Room G-13 scotth@ncat.edu
Hashemi Beni, Leila  Assistant Professor Price Hall, Room: 111 lhashemibeni@ncat.edu
He, Peng Assistant Professor New Science Building, Room: 332 phe@ncat.edu
James, Floyd J. Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 101 & 321 fjames@ncat.edu 
Jeffers-Francis, Liesl  Assistant Professor Hines Hall, Room: 306B ljeffers@ncat.edu 
Kanipes-Spinks, Margaret I. Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room: 409A mikanipe@ncat.edu
Kebede, Abebe  Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 320 gutaye@ncat.edu 
Kim, Seongtae  Assistant Professor Hines Hall, Room: 123B skim@ncat.edu
Kuila, Debasish  Professor New Science Building, Room: 342 dkuila@ncat.edu 
Kurepa, Alexandra  Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 111 kurepa@ncat.edu 
Lin, Yuh Lang  Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 302H ylin@ncat.edu
Liu, Liping  Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room A431 lliu@ncat.edu 
Luke, Nicholas S. Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 107 luke@ncat.edu 
Martin, Patrick Mcphail Associate Professor Smith Hall, Room: 2002 pmmartin@ncat.edu
Mawlana, Mohammed Assistant Professor Price Hall, Room: 110 A mmawlana@ncat.edu
Mehta, Devang P. Associate Professor Smith Hall, Room: 3020 mehtad@ncat.edu
Mekonnen, Ademe  Associate Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 310 amekonne@ncat.edu
Mellat-Parast, Mahour  Assistant Professor Smith Hall, Room: 4018 mahour@ncat.edu 
Mostafa, Sayed Assistant Professor Smith Hall, Room: 3005 sabdelmegeed@ncat.edu
Muganda, Perpetua Mubweri Professor Hines Hall, Room: 317 pmmugand@ncat.edu
Nave, Jerry Wayne Assistant Professor Price Hall, Room: 122 jwnave@ncat.edu 
Newman, Robert H. Associate Professor Barnes Hall, Room: 105 rhnewman@ncat.edu
O Regan, Suzanne M. Assistant Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A430 smoregan@ncat.edu
Obeng-Gyasi, Emmanuel Assistant Professor eobenggyasi@ncat.edu
Ofori-Boadu, Andrea  Assistant Professor Price Hall, Room: 112J andreao@ncat.edu 
Oldham, Janis Marie Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 202 oldhamj@ncat.edu
Ongeri, Elimelda  Assistant Professor Barnes Hall, Room: 215 eongeri@ncat.edu 
Park, Choongseok  Assistant Professor Hines hall , Room: 123C cpark@ncat.edu 
Pedroni, Ronald S. Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 337 rpedroni@ncat.edu
Pyle, Robert B. Professor Price Hall, Room: 110 pyler@ncat.edu
Rastigeyev, Yevgenly A. Associate Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 308 yarastig@ncat.edu
Redd, Thomas C. Associate Professor General Classroom Building, Room: A441 tcredd@ncat.edu
Rhodes, Craig Associate Professor Price Hall, Room: 103 rhodesc@ncat.edu
Rivas, Mauricio Alexander Assistant Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 232 marivas@ncat.edu
Roop, John P. Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 233A jproop@ncat.edu 
Rorie, Checo James Assistant Professor Hines Hall, Room 300A cjrorie@ncat.edu 
Schimmel, Keith A. Associate Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 301 schimmel@ncat.edu
Shofoluwe, Musibau A. Professor Price Hall, Room: 106 musibaus@ncat.edu
Smith, Mary A. Professor Barnes Hall, Room: 104 smithma@ncat.edu
Smith, Simone M. Assistant Professor Barnes Hall, Room: G19 smsmith8@ncat.edu
Sowells, Evelyn R. Assistant Professor Price Hall, Room: 201-E4 es992760@ncat.edu 
Tang, Guoqing  Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 102B tang@ncat.edu
Tankersley, Barbara A. Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 105 tankers@ncat.edu
Thomas, Misty Associate Professor Barnes Hall, Room: G11 mthomas1@ncat.edu
Tsay, Li-Shiang  Associate Professor Smith Hall, Room: 4017 ltsay@ncat.edu 
Tung, Chih Kuan  Assistant Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 301 ctung@ncat.edu 
Uwakweh, Benjamin O. Professor Smith Hall, Room: Deans Suite bouwakwe@ncat.edu 
Varatharajah, Paramanathan  Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 228 rajah@ncat.edu
Venkateswarlu, Divi  Associate Professor New Science Building, Room: 338 divi@ncat.edu 
Wang, Bo Assistant Professor New Science Building, Room: 340 bwang1@ncat.edu
Ward, John P. Assistant Professor Hines Hall, Room: 323 jpward@ncat.edu 
Warrack, Anthony Giles Associate Professor Marteena Hall, Room: 230 warrack@ncat.edu
White, Catherine D. Associate Professor Barnes Hall, Room: G24 cdwhite@ncat.edu 
Xu, Ling Assistant Professor lxu@ncat.edu
Zeng, Qingan  Associate Professor Price Hall, Room: 211 qzeng@ncat.edu
Zhang, Jing  Associate Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 302G jzhang1@ncat.edu 
Zhou, Axi Professor Price Hall, Room 100 azhou@ncat.edu

Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering  

Alston, Jeffrey R. Assistant Professor The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, Room: 160L jralston1@ncat.edu
Aravamudhan, Shyam  Associate Professor The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, Room: 208G saravamu@ncat.edu
Cho, Sungjin  Assistant Professor The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, Room: 208H scho1@ncat.edu
Graves, Joseph L. Professor Hodgin Hall, Room: 213 gravesjl@ncat.edu
Kelkar, Ajit D. Professor The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, Room: 208C kelkar@ncat.edu 
Mohan, Ram V. Professor The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering, Room: 208E rvmohan@ncat.edu
Zhang, Lifeng  Associate Professor Gibbs Hall, Room: 302G lzhang@ncat.edu