Shamsuddin Ilias


DepartmentChemical, Biological and Bio Engineering


OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 314

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Shamsuddin Ilias


Ph D: Chemical Engineering, Queen's University, 1986

MS: Chemical Engineering, University of Petroleum & Minerals, 1979

Other: Chemical, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, 1974

Research Interests

Dr. Ilias’ research interests include: membrane separations and membrane reactors, PEM fuel cell and electrocatalysts, computational fluid and particle dynamics, and diffusion in porous media.

Recent Publications

Rahman,  M.  Islam,  M.  Rahman,  M.  Tun,  H.  Deshmane,  V.  Hossain,  T.  Ilias,  Shamsuddin  ( 2019).  Evaluation and characterization of Pd-Ag composite membrane fabricated by surfactant induced electroless plating (SIEP) for hydrogen separation.  ( 0,  0,  pp. 1-14).   Separation Science and Technology.

Sultana,  Khondker  Worku,  Dereje  Hossain,  M.  Ilias,  Shamsuddin  ( 2019).  Synthesis of Graphitic Mesoporous Carbon from Metal Impregnated Silica Template for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Application.  ( 1,  19,  pp. 27-34).   Fuel Cells Wiley Online Library.

Sultana,  K.  Fadhel,  A.  Deshmane,  V.  Ilias,  Shamsuddin  ( 2018).  Novel method for synthesis of electrocatalyst via catalytic graphitization of ordered mesoporous carbon for PEMFC application.  ( 12,  53,  pp. 1948-1956).   Separation Science and Technology.

Ogbole,  Emmanuel  Lou,  Jianzhong  Ilias,  Shamsuddin  Desmane,  Vishwanath  ( 2017).  Influence of surface-treated SiO2 on the transport behavior of O-2 and N-2 through polydimethylsiloxane nanocomposite membrane.  ( 175,  pp. 358-364).   SEPARATION AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY.

Sultana,  K  Fadhel,  A  Deshmane,  V  Ilias,  Shamsuddin  ( 2017).  Novel Method for Synthesis of Electrocatalyst via Catalytic Graphitization of Ordered Mesoporous Carbon for PEMFC Application.    Separation Science & Technology.

Ogbole,  Emmanuel  Lou,  Jianzhong  Desmane,  Vishiwanath  Ilias,  Shamsuddin  ( 2017).  Influence of Surface-Treated SiO2 on the Transport Behavior of O2 and N2 through Polydimethylsiloxane Nanocomposite Membrane.  ( 2017,  175,  pp. 358–364).   Separation and Purification Technology .

Islam,  Syed  Deshmane,  Vishwanath  Ilias,  Shamsuddin  ( 2016).  Thermal Stability Study of Pd-composite Membrane Fabricated by Surfactant Induced Electroless Plating (SIEP).  ( 7,  51,  pp. 1176-1188).   Separation Science & Technology.

Kosaraju,  K  Rahman,  A  Duncan,  M  Tatineni,  B  Basova,  Yuliya  Deshmane,  V  Abrokwah,  R  Hosseinnezhad,  S  King,  James  Ilias,  Shamsuddin  ( 2014).  Bimetallic nanocatalysts in mesoporous silica for steam reforming reactions to produce H2 for fuel cells.  ( 88,  pp. 337).   Future Energy, Environment, and Materials.