Hyoshin Park

TitleAssistant Professor

DepartmentComputational Science and Engineering

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OfficeFort IRC
Room: 303

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

McNair Hall


Ph D: Civil Engineering, University of Maryland, 2016

MS: Urban Planning and Engineering, Yonsei University , 2007

BS: Engineering, Yonsei University , 2005

Research Interests

Computational optimization, modeling, and simulation on topics including social science, transportation infrastructure, supply chain, resource allocation, facility location, energy, big data, and vehicle automation with human factors ergonomics. We focus on stochastic decision making based on prediction of uncertain future using comprehensible data mining algorithms.

Recent Publications

Yu,  X  Gao,  Song  Hu,  X  Park,  Hyoshin  ( 2018).  A Markov Decision Process Approach to Vacant Taxi Routing with E-hailing.  ( 11,  pp. 12-20).   Transportation Research Part B: Methodological.

Park,  Hyoshin  Haghani,  Ali  Gao,  Song  Knodler,  Mike  Samuel,  Siby  ( 2018).  Anticipatory Dynamic Traffic Sensor Location Problems with Connected Vehicle Technologies.    Transportation Science.

Waddell,  Waddell  Haghani,  Ali  ( 2018).  Online emergency vehicle dispatching with look-ahead on a transportation network.    Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies.

Park,  Hyoshin  Pugh,  Nigel  ( 2018).  Generalized Estimating Equation Model based Recursive Partitioning: Applied to Distracted Driving.  ( 3245864,  ).   Journal of Advanced Transportation.

Park,  Hyoshin  Haghani,  Ali  Samuel,  Siby  Knodler,  Michael  ( 2018).  Real-time prediction and avoidance of secondary crashes under unexpected traffic congestion.  ( 112,  pp. 39-49).   Accident Analysis and Prevention.

Park,  Hyoshin  Gao,  Song  Samuel,  Siby  ( 2017).  Modeling Effects of Forward Roadway Glance Durations on Latent Hazard Detection.  ( 2663,  pp. 90--98).   Transportation Research Record Journal of the Transportation Research Board.