Hayward P. Andres

TitleAssociate Professor




OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 305

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Hayward P. Andres


Ph D: Business Administration and Management, General, Florida State University, 1996

MS: Software Engineering, University of West Florida, 1989

BS: Business Administration, Southern University at New Orleans, 1986

Research Interests

Current research focuses on cognitive and social aspects of learning, technology-mediated collaboration, team-based problem solving, enterprise systems, knowledge management, and project management.

Recent Publications

Andres,  Hayward  Akan,  Obasi  ( 2015).  A Test of the Teaching-Learning Style Mesh Hypothesis in a Chinese MBA.  ( 2,  8,  pp. 145-163).   Journal of International Education in Business.

Akan,  Obasi  Andres,  Hayward  Medley,  Barbara  ( 2014).  Concrescent Conversation as a Group Communication Tool in a Chinese University MBA Course.  ( 4,  25,  pp. 283-289).   Journal of Teaching in International Business.

Andres,  Hayward  ( 2013).  Collaborative Technology and Dimensions of Team Cognition: Test of a Second-Order Factor Model.  ( 3,  4,  pp. 22-37).   Journal of Information Technology Project Management.

Andres,  Hayward  ( 2013).  Team Cognition using Collaborative Technology: A Behavioral Analysis.  ( 1,  28,  pp. 38-54).   Journal of Managerial Psychology.

Andres,  Hayward  ( 2012).  Technology-Mediated Collaboration, Shared Mental Model and Task Performance.  ( 1,  24,  pp. 64-81).   Journal of Organizational and End User Computing.

Andres,  Hayward  ( 2011).  Team Learning and Reflexivity in Technology-Mediated Collaboration.  ( 4,  7,  pp. 22-36).   Journal of Knowledge Management.

Andres,  Hayward  ( 2011).  Shared Mental Model Development during Technology-Mediated Collaboration.  ( 3,  7,  pp. 14-30).   International Journal of e-Collaboration.

Andres,  Hayward  Akan,  Obasi  ( 2010).  Assessing Team Learning in Technology-Mediated Collaboration: An Experimental Study..  ( Vol. 38,,  ).   Journal of Educational Technology Systems.