Abdollah Homaifar


DepartmentElectrical and Computer Engineering



OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 537

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Abdollah Homaifar


Ph D: Electrical Engineering, The University of Alabama, 1986

MS: Stony Brook University, 1980

Other: Stony Brook University, 1979

Research Interests

Machine Learning, Approximate Reasoning, Soft Computing, Evolutionary Computations, Stochastic Control and Estimation, Modelling and Control of Systems of Systems , Robotics

Recent Publications

Ozguner,  U.  Fisher,  D.  Homaifar,  Abdollah  Lee,  J.   Woods,  D.  ( 2018).  Driver Models for Both Human and Autonomous Vehicles with Different Sensing Technologies and Near-Crash Activity.    IIternational Transport Research Documentation (ITRD).

Razeghi-Jahromi,  Mohammad  Nazmi,  Shabnam  Homaifar,  Abdollah  ( 2018).  Two-step Markov Update Algorithm for Accuracy-based Learning Classifier Systems.  ( 1,  27,  pp. 63-84).   Journal of Complex Systems.

Agana,  Norbert  Homaifar,  Abdollah  ( 2018).  EMD-Based Predictive Deep Belief Network for Time Series Prediction: An Application to Drought Forecasting, Journal of Hydrology.  ( 1,  5,  pp. 20).