George W. Stone

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentMarketing, Transportation & Supply Chain


OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 310

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

George W. Stone


Ph D: Business Administration , University of Mississippi, 1996

MS: Business Administration, Boston University, 1982

BS: Engineering, United States Military Academy, 1978

Research Interests

Ecological Issues in Marketing; Sports Marketing; International Marketing; Marketing Education; Political Advertising; and other areas such as Gun Marketing and Brand Loyalty issues.

Recent Publications

Stone,  George  ( 2017).  “Media Influence on Opinion about Man-Made Global Warming as Moderated by Individual Ecological Orientation and Personal Experience.” .  ( 2,  5,  ).   Atlantic Marketing Journal.

Woodham,  Omar  Stone,  George  Cort,  Kathryn  Jones,  Michael  ( 2016).  An Exploratory Comparison of Private and HBCU Marketing Student Study Abroad Program (SAP) Participation Intentions.  In Walter Kendall  ( 3,  5,  pp. 35-57).   Atlantic Marketing Journal .

Leak,  Roland  Woodham,  Omar  Stone,  George  ( 2015).  Felt discrimination increases offensiveness of stereotyped out-group depictions.  ( 1,  32,  pp. 26-33).   Journal of Consumer Marketing.

Stone,  George  Coley,  Linda  Leak,  Roland  ( 2014).  Towards a Global Consumer “Eco-orientation” Model: A Cross-national Perspective.  ( 4,  26,  pp. 311-328).   Journal of International Consumer Marketing.

Stone,  George  Blodgett,  Jeffrey  Nkonge,  Japhet  Cort,  Kathryn  ( 2013).  The Moderating Influence of Political Involvement on Voters’ Attitudes toward Attack Ads.  ( 1,  21,  pp. 91–102).   The Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice.

Stone,  George  Cort,  Kathryn  Nkonge,  Japhet  ( 2012).  An Exploratory Model of the Antecedent Factors Contributing to Fan Support/Attendance at HBCU Basketball Games.  ( 1,  1,  pp. 2).   Atlantic Marketing Journal.