Roger J. Gagnon

TitleAssociate Professor



OfficeCraig Hall
Room: 312

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Roger J. Gagnon


Ph D: Management, University of Cincinnati, 1982

MBA: Management Science , Clark Atlanta University , 1971

BS: Engineering Management, Boston University, 1968

Research Interests

Remanufacturing, Economic Analysis of New Technology, Instructional Pedagogy in Operations Management and Management Science

Recent Publications

Gagnon,  Roger  Morgan,  Shona  ( 2014).  Remanufacturing Scheduling Systems: An Exploratory analysis Comparing Academic Research and Industry Practice.  ( 2/3/4,  4,  pp. 179-198).   International Journal of rapid Manufacturing.

Gagnon,  Roger  ( 2014).  The Southeastern Theater Company Case.  In Trey Carland    Journal of the Internationa Academy for Case Studies.

Morgan,  Shona  Gagnon,  Roger  ( 2013).  A Systematic Literature Review of Remanufacturing Scheduling.  ( 16,  51,  pp. 4853-4879).   International Journal of Production Research.

Gagnon,  Roger  Lam,  Marco  ( 2011).  The Mattsaka Koi and Exotic Fish Farm Company Case.  ( 1 and 2,  17 ,  pp. 17-23, 13-20).   Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies.

Morgan,  Shona  Gagnon,  Roger  ( 2009).  An exploratory analysis of why there are so few minority business cases.  ( 10,  pp. 165-193).   Journal of the Academy of Business Education.

Gagnon,  Roger  Morgan,  Shona  ( 2007).  Minority business cases: is anyone interested?.  ( 8,  pp. 77-96).   Journal of the Academy of Business Education .