Marka B. Fleming

TitleAssociate Professor



OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 307

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Marka B. Fleming


JD: Law, North Carolina Central University, 1996

BS: Business , Wake Forest University, 1993

Research Interests

Employment and Contract Law and Social Media Law

Recent Publications

Fleming,  Marka  Mcfadden-Wade,  Gwendolyn  ( 2018).  The Legal Implications under Federal Law when States Enact Transgender Bathroom Laws for Students and Employees.  ( 2,  29,  pp. 43).   Hastings Women Law Review.

Fleming,  Marka  ( 2018).  The Equality Act: Indispensable to Employees and Employers.  ( Midwest L.J. 51,  28,  pp. 51-79).   Midwest Law Journal.

Fleming,  Marka  Mcfadden-Wade,  Gwendolyn  ( 2016).  The Unthinkable Choice: The Constitutional Due Process Right to Parent or the Legal Right to Use Medical Marijuana.  ( 2,  25,  pp. 299-328).   Boston University Public Interest Law Journal.

Fleming,  Marka  ( 2015).  The Legal Applicability of State Medical Marijuana Laws on Employers and Employees.  ( 1,  26,  pp. 215-242).   Southern Law Journal.

Fleming,  Marka  Miles,  Angela  ( 2012).  Punishing Employees for Using Social Media Outside the Scope of Their Employment: What Are the Potential Legal Repercussions to the Private Employer? .  ( Spring 2012,  13,  pp. 22).   ALSB Labor Law Journal.

Fleming,  Marka  Miles,  Angela  ( 2012).  The Legal Ramifications for Employers When Job Candidates Misrepresent Credentials to Secure Employment Positions .  ( 13,  pp. 21).   ALSB Labor Law Journal .

Fleming,  Marka  ( 2011).  The Constitutional and Contractual Controversy of Suspicionless Drug Testing of Public School Teachers.  ( 2,  63,  pp. 421-459).   Oklahoma Law Review.

Fleming,  Marka  ( 2010).  Article: Juror Misconduct: The Modern Tendency of Jurors to Search the Internet and Post Trial Information to Social Networking Websites.  ( 1,  24 Midwest L.J. 77 (2010).,  pp. 27).   Midwest Law Journal.

Fleming,  Marka  Miles,  Angela  ( 2008).  Considering Retaliation as a Legal Deterrent for Terminating Underperforming Employees and its Impact on Settlement and Litigation Costs.  ( 15,  pp. 45-61).   Journal of Law and Business.