Dhananjay Kumar


DepartmentMechanical Engineering


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OfficeMcNair Hall
Room: 621

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Dhananjay Kumar


Ph D: Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, 1993

MS: Chemistry, Magadh University, 1985

BS: Chemistry , Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, 1983

Research Interests

Thin films, Condensed matters, Nanoscale materials, Alternative Energy

Recent Publications

Bhaumik,  A  Nori,  S  Sachan,  R  Gupta,  S  Kumar,  D  Majumdar,  A  Narayan,  J  ( 2018).  Room-Temperature ferromagnetism and Etraordinary Hall Effect in nanostructured Q-carbon: implications for potential spintronic devices.  ( 1(2),  pp. 807-819).   ACS Applied Nano Materials.

Thompson,  Zanshe  Rahman,  Shekh  Yarmolenko,  Sergey  Sankar,  Jagannathan  Kumar,  Dhananjay  Bhattarai,  Narayan  ( 2017).  Fabrication and Characterization of Magnesium Ferrite-Based PCL/Aloe Vera Nanofibers.  ( 8,  10,  pp. 937).   Materials.

Yamoah,  N.  Koten,  M.  Thompson,  D.  Nannuri,  C.  Narayan,  J.   Shield,  J  Kumar,  D.  ( 2016).  Dependence of grain size and defect density on the magnetic properties of mechanically alloyed Fe90W10 powder.  ( 120,  pp. 143903).   Journal of Applied Physics.

Kotoka,  Ruben  Yammoah,  Nana Kwame  Mensah-Darkwa,  Kwadwo  Moses,  Timothy  Kumar,  Dhananjay  ( 2016).  Electrochemical corrosion behavior of silver doped tricalcium phosphate.  ( 292,  pp. 99-109).   Surface & Coatings Technology.

Bhattarai,  Narayan  Lambeth,  Mrs  Kumar,  Dhananjay  Waters,  Cindy  Pai,  Devdas  McCullough,  Matthew  Booth,  Caroline  ( 2016).  Enhancing Undergraduate Students’ Learning and Research Experiences through Hands on Experiments on Bio-nanoengineering.  ( 26,  pp. 1).   age.

Song,  H  Maurya,  D.  Chun,  J.  Zhou,  Y.  Song,  M.  Gray,  D.  Yamoah,  N.  Kumar,  D  McDannald,  A  Jain,  M  Priya,  S  ( 2016).  Modulated Magneto-Thermal Response of La0.85Sr0.15MnO3 and (Ni0.6Cu0.2Zn0.2) Fe2O4 Composites for Thermal Energy Harvesters.  ( EHS-2016-0016,  DOI 10.1515/ehs-2016-0016,  pp. 9).   Energy Harvesting and Systems .

Temizer,  Namik   Nori,  Sudhakar  Kumar,  Dhananjay  Narayan,  Jagdish  ( 2016).  Defect mediated room temperature ferromagnetism and resistance minima study in epitaxial ZnGa0.002Al0.02O transparent conducting oxide films.  ( 49,  pp. 345302).   Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics.

Singamaneni,  S  Prater,  J  Nori,  S  Kumar,  D  Lee,  B  Misra,  V  Narayan,  J  ( 2015).  Ferroelectric and magnetic properties of multiferroic BiFeO3-La0.7Sr0.3MnO3.  ( 117,  pp. 17D908).   Journal of Applied Physics .

Mitchell,  E  De Souza,  F  Gupta,  R  Khol,  P  Kumar,  D  ( 2015).  Probing on the hydrothermally synthesized iron oxide nanoparticles for ultra-capacitor applications.  ( 272,  pp. 295).   Powder Technology .

Jin,  Z  Nori,  S  Lee,  Y-F.  Wu,  F  Kumar,  D  Narayan,  J  Prater,  J  Kim,  K  ( 2015).  Strain induced room temperature ferromagnetism in epitaxial Magnesium Oxide thin films.  ( 118,  pp. 165309).   Journal of Applied Physics.

Yang,  Man  Xu,  Zhigang  Desai,  Salil  Kumar,  Dhananjay  Sankar,  Jagannathan  ( 2015).  Fabrication of Micro Single Chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Using Photolithography and Pulsed Laser Deposition.  ( 2,  12,  ).   J. Fuel Cell Sci. Technol .

Mitchell,  E  Gupta,  R  Mensah-Darkwa,  K  Kumar,  D  Ramasamy,  K  Gupta,  B  Kahol,  P  ( 2014).  Facile synthesis and morphogenesis of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for high-performance supercapacitor applications.  ( 38,  pp. 4344).   New Journal of Chemistry .

Ibrahim,  Sally  Fialkova,  Svitlana  Mensah-Darkwa,  Kwadwo  Yarmolenko,  Sergey  Kumar,  Dhananjay  ( 2014).  Influence of substrate temperature and post annealing on morphology and magnetic properties of pulsed laser deposited Fe 50-Ni 50 films.  ( 1675,  pp. mrss14-1675-k13-42).   MRS Proceedings.

Bayati,  R  Molaei,  R  Richmond,  A  Nori,  S  Wu,  F  Kumar,  D  Narayan,  J  ( 2014).  Modification of Properties of Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Epitaxial Thin Films by Excimer Laser Annealing.  ( 6,  pp. 22316).   ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

Kumar,  Dhananjay  Rao,  S  Prater,  J  Wu,  F  Nori,  S  Kumar,  D  Liou,  S  Narayan,  J  ( 2014).  Positive exchange bias in epitaxial permalloy/MgO integrated with Si (100).  ( 18,  pp. 1-5).   Curr. Opin. Solid State Mater. Sci..