Dongyang Deng

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentBuilt Environment


OfficePrice Hall
Room: 120

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Dongyang Deng


Ph D: Civil Engineering, West Virginia University, 2017

BS: Environmental Science, China University of Mining and Technology , 2008

Research Interests

Trace level contaminants removal from aqueous phase; physical, chemical and biological wastewater treatment technology development; shale gas fracturing flow back water remediation and reuse; advanced surface characterization and analysis; Chemical spill and fate in the environment; Environmental microbiology; sustainable resource and energy development.

Recent Publications

Deng,  Dongyang  Lin,  Oliver  Rubenstein,  Alex  Weidhaas,  Jennifer  Lin,  Lian-Shin  ( 2019).  Elucidating biochemical transformations of Fe and S in an innovative Fe(II)-dosed anaerobic wastewater treatment process using spectroscopic and phylogenetic analyses.  ( 358,  pp. 1208-1217).   Chemical Engineering Journal.

Deng,  Dongyang  Aryal,  Niroj  Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Jha,  Manoj  ( 2018).  Textiles Wastewater Treatment.  ( 10,  90,  pp. 1648-1662).   Water Environment Research.

Deng,  Dongyang  Lin,  Lian-Shin  ( 2017).  Continuous sulfidogenic wastewater treatment with iron sulfide sludge oxidation and recycle.  ( 114,  pp. 210-217).   Water Research.

Deng,  Dongyang  Weidhaas,  Jennifer  Lin,  Lian-Shin  ( 2016).  Kinetics and microbial ecology of batch sulfidogenic bioreactors for co-treatment of municipal wastewater and acid mine drainage.  ( 305,  pp. 200-208).   Journal of Hazardous Materials.

Deng,  Dongyang  Lin,  Lian-Shin  ( 2013).  Two-stage combined treatment of acid mine drainage and municipal wastewater.  ( 5,  67,  pp. 1000).   Water Science & Technology.

Aryal,  Niroj  Deng,  Dongyang  Jha,  Manoj  Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Monitoring, sampling, and automated analysis.  ( 0,  0,  ).   Water Environment Research.