Dukka B. Kc

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentComputational Science and Engineering


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OfficeFort IRC
Room: 305

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Dukka B. Kc


Ph D: Bioinformatics, Kyoto University, 2006

Other: Bioinformatics, Kyoto University, 2003

Other: Computer Science, Kyoto University, 2001

Research Interests

Bioinformatics, Big Data

Recent Publications

Amini,  Hossein  Wang,  Lijun  Hashemisohi,  Abolhasan  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  Bikdash,  Marwan  Dukka,  K.  Yuan,  Wenqiao  ( 2018).  An integrated growth kinetics and computational fluid dynamics model for the analysis of algal productivity in open raceway ponds.  ( 145,  pp. 363-372).   COMPUTERS AND ELECTRONICS IN AGRICULTURE.

Al-Barakati,  H  McConnell,  E  Hicks,  L  Poole,  L  Newman,  Robert  Kc,  Dukka  ( 2018).  SVM-SulfoSite: A support vector machine based predictor for sulfenylation sites..  ( 1,  8,  pp. 11288).   Scientific reports.

White,  Catherine  Ismail,  H  Saigo,  H  Kc,  Dukka  ( 2017).  CNN-BLPred: a Convolutional neural network based predictor for β-Lactamases (BL) and their classes..  ( Suppl 16,  18,  pp. 577).   BMC bioinformatics.

Kc,  Dukka  ( 2017).  Recent advances in sequence-based protein structure prediction..  ( 6,  18,  pp. 1021-1032).   Briefings in bioinformatics.

Ismail,  Hamid   Hiroto,  Saigo   Kc,  Dukka  ( 2017).  RF-NR: Improved classification of Nuclear Receptor proteins using Random Forest.    IEEE/ACM Transaction on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

Chapman,  Samuel  Adami,  Chris  Wilke,  Claus  Kc,  Dukka  ( 2017).  The evolution of logic circuits for the purpose of protein contact map prediction .  ( 5:e3139,  ).   PeerJ.

Amini,  Hossein  Hashemisohi,  Abolhasan  Wang,  Lijun  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  Bikdash,  Marwan  Kc,  Dukka  Yuan,  Wenqiao  ( 2016).  Numerical and experimental investigation of hydrodynamics and light transfer in open raceway ponds at various algal cell concentrations and medium depths.  ( 156,  pp. 11-23).   Chemical Engineering Science.

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Jha,  Ashwani  Flurchick,  Kenneth  Bikdash,  Marwan  Kc,  Dukka  ( 2016).  Parallel-SymD: A Parallel Approach to Detect Internal Symmetry in Protein Domains.  ( 2016,  pp. 1-9).   BioMed Research International.

Khan,  I  Wei,  Q  Chapman,  Samuel  Kc,  Dukka  Kihara,  D  ( 2015).  The PFP and ESG protein function prediction methods in 2014: effect of database updates and ensemble approaches..  ( 4,  pp. 43).   GigaScience.

Kc,  Dukka  ( 2015).  PFP and ESG protein function prediction methods in 2014: Effects of database updates and ensemble approaches.  ( 43,  4,  ).   Giga Science.

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