Christina Tupper

TitleAssistant Professor



OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 333

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Christina Tupper


Ph D: Business Administration, Old Dominion University, 2016

MBA: Business Administration, Jacksonville State University, 2010

BS: Management - Business Management and Entrepreneurship, Louisiana Tech University, 2009

Research Interests

Initial Public Offerings, Founder versus nonfounder effects, Internationalization of capital markets, Organizational and entrepreneurial narratives, Small business innovation

Recent Publications

Frazier,  M.  Tupper,  Christina  ( 2018).  Psychological safety, thriving, and helping behavior: The trickle-down effects of supervisor prosocial motivation.  ( 4,  43,  pp. 561-593).   Group and Organization Management.

Tupper,  Christina  Guldiken,  Orhun  Benischke,  Mirko  ( 2018).  Capital Market Liability of Foreignness of IPO Firms.  ( 4,  53,  pp. 555-567).   Journal of World Business.

Tupper,  Christina  ( 2017).  Is my creative idea a business opportunity?.  ( 1,  2,  pp. 111-114).   Experiential Entrepreneurship Exercises Journal.

Guldiken,  Orhun  Tupper,  Christina  Nair,  Anil  Yu,  Wendy  ( 2017).  The impact of media coverage on IPO stock performance.  ( 72,  pp. 24-32).   Journal of Business Research.

Frazier,  M.  Tupper,  Christina  Fainshmidt,  Stav  ( 2016).  The path(s) to interpersonal trust in nascent and established employee-supervisor relationships: A fuzzy set analysis.  ( 7,  37,  pp. 1023-1043).   Journal of Organizational Behavior.

Tupper,  Christina  ( 2016).  Crisis conditions and performance of IPO firms: Impact of founder-CEOs and foreign listings.  ( 1,  21,  pp. 32-52).   Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship.