Ceola Ross Baber


DepartmentLeadership Studies and Adult Education



OfficeProctor Hall
Room: 135

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Ceola Ross Baber


Ph D: Educational Administration and Supervision, Purdue University, 1984

MA: Education, Stanford University, 1975

BA: History, California State University, Sacramento, 1972

Research Interests

Social justice leadership in K-20 settings Collaborative home-school-university partnerships Racial/ethnic minority academic success

Recent Publications

Carter-Edwards, Lori  Lowe-Wilson, Abby  Mouw, Mary  Jeon, Janet  Vu, Maihan  Bethell, Monique  (2015).  Community Member and Stakeholder Perspectives on a Healthy Environment Initiative in North Carolina.  (E127,  12,  pp. 1-11).  Preventing Chronic Disease.

Baber, Ceola  (2014).  Foreword.  In K. Johnson, A. Pitre, and K. Johnson,  African American Women Educators: A Critical Examination of Their Pedagogies, Educational Ideas, and Activism from the 19th to Mid-20th Century   University Press of America.

Baber, Ceola  (2013).  Leadership for Collaborative K-20 Home-School-University-Community Engagement.  In Forrest Toms and Sylvia Willie Burgess,  Lead the Way: Principles and Practices in Community and Civic   Cognella Academic Publishing.

Robinson, Sheila  Baber, Ceola  (2013).  "Putting Herself on the Line": African American Female Teacher Leaders as Exemplars of Social Justice Leadership.  (3,  9,  pp. 210-225).  The New Educator.

Cooper, Jewell  Kurrts, Stephanie  Baber, Ceola  Vallecorsa, Ada  (2008).  A model for examining teacher preparation curricula for inclusion.  (4,  35,  pp. 155-176).  Teacher Education Quarterly.

Williams, Ereka  Baber, Ceola  (2007).  Building trust through culturally reciprocal home-school-community collaboration from the perspective of African American parents.  (2,  9,  pp. 3-9).  Multicultural Perspectives.