Choongseok Park

TitleAssistant Professor



OfficeHines hall
Room: 123C

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Choongseok Park


Ph D: Mathematics, The Ohio State University, 2007

BS: Mathematics, Yonsei University, 1998

Research Interests

Mathematical Neuroscience

Recent Publications

Varatharajah,  Paramanathan  Clemence,  Dominic  Oldham,  Janis  Tankersley,  Barbara  Kim,  Seong-Tae  Clemence,  Belinda  Cousins-Cooper,  Kathy  Park,  Choongseok  ( 2019).  SCALE-UP Instructional Redesign of a Calculus Course at an HBCU.  ( 1,  7,  pp. 31-44).    International Journal for Innovation Education and Research.

Park,  Choongseok  Clements,  Katie   Issa,  Fadi  Ahn,  Sungwoo  ( 2018).  Effects of Social Experience on the Habituation Rate of Zebrafish Startle Escape Response: Empirical and Computational Analyses.  In Takao Hensch  ( 7,  12,  pp. 16).   Frontiers in Neural Circuits.

Rubchinsky,  Leonid  Park,  Choongseok  Ahn,  Sungwoo  ( 2017).  Dynamics of Intermittent Synchronization of Neural Activity.  In Igor S Aranson, Arkady Pikovsky, Nikolai Rulkov, Rev Tsimring,  Advances in Dynamics, Patterns, Cognition  ( 20,  pp. 14).   Springer Nonlinear Systems and Complexity .

Miller,  Thomas  Clements,  Katie  Ahn,  Sungwoo  Park,  Choongseok  Ji,  Eoon Hye  Issa,  Fadi  ( 2017).  Social Status-Dependent Shift in Neural Circuit Activation Affects Decision Making..  ( 8,  37,  pp. 11).   Journal of Neuroscience.

Edoh,  Kossi  Roop,  John  Park,  Choongseok  Deeb,  Ahmad  ( 2016).  Calculus for Business and Technology workbook.    Pearson Education.

Park,  Choongseok  Miller,  Thomas  Clements,  Katie  Ahn,  Sungwoo  Ji,  Eoon Hye  Issa,  Fadi  ( 2016).  Social stress induced neural network reconfiguration affects decision making and learning in zebrafish.  ( 54,  17 (Suppl 1),  ).   BMC Neuroscience .

Molkov,  Yaroslav  Shevtsova,  Natalia  Park,  Choongseok  Ben-Tal,  Alona  Smith,  Jeffrey  Rubin,  Jonathan  Rybak,  Ilya  ( 2014).  A Closed-Loop Model of the Respiratory System: Focus on Hypercapnia and Active Expiration.  In Michael Koval, Emory University School of Medicine, USA  ( 10,  9,  pp. e109894.).   PLoS One.

Rubchinsky,  Leonid  Ahn,  Sungwoo  Park,  Choongseok  ( 2014).  Dynamics of desynchronized episodes in intermittent synchronization.  In Aslak Tveito, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway  ( 2,  ).   Frontiers in Physics.

Guo,  Yixin  Park,  Choongseok  Worth,  Robert  Rubchinsky,  Leonid  ( 2013).  Basal ganglia modulation of thalamocortical relay in Parkinson's disease and dystonia.  In Izhar Bar-Gad, Bar-Ilan University, Israel  ( 7,  ).   Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience.

Park,  Choongseok  Rubin,  Jonathan  ( 2013).  Cooperation of intrinsic bursting and calcium oscillations underlying activity patterns of model pre-Bötzinger complex neurons.  In David Terman, Ohio State University, USA  ( 2,  34,  pp. 345–366).   Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience.

Dovzhenok,  Andrey  Park,  Choongseok  Worth,  Robert  Rubchinsky,  Leonid  ( 2013).  Failure of Delayed Feedback Deep Brain Stimulation for Intermittent Pathological Synchronization in Parkinson’s Disease.  In William W. Lytton, SUNY Downstate MC, USA  ( 3,  8,  pp. e58264).   PLoS ONE.

Park,  Choongseok  Rubchinsky,  Leonid  ( 2012).  Potential Mechanisms for Imperfect Synchronization in Parkinsonian Basal Ganglia.  In William W. Lytton, SUNY Downstate MC, USA  ( 12,  7,  pp. e51530).   PLoS ONE.

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Park,  Choongseok  Rubchinsky,  Leonid  ( 2011).  Intermittent synchronization in a network of bursting neurons.  ( 3,  21,  ).   Chaos.

Ahn,  Sungwoo  Park,  Choongseok  Rubchinsky,  Leonid  ( 2011).  Detecting the temporal structure of intermittent phase locking.  ( 1,  84,  ).   PHYSICAL REVIEW E .

Park,  Choongseok  Worth,  Robert  Rubchinsky,  Leonid  ( 2011).  Neural dynamics in parkinsonian brain: the boundary between synchronized and nonsynchronized dynamics..  ( 4,  83,  ).   PHYSICAL REVIEW E .

Park,  Choongseok  Terman,  David  ( 2010).  Irregular behavior in an excitatory-inhibitory neuronal network.  ( 2,  20,  ).   Chaos.

Park,  Choongseok  Worth,  Robert  Rubchinsky,  Leonid  ( 2010).  Fine Temporal Structure of Beta Oscillations Synchronization in Subthalamic Nucleus in Parkinson’s Disease.  ( 5,  103,  pp. 2707-2716).   Journal of Neurophysiology.

Best,  Janet  Park,  Choongseok  Terman,  David   Wilson,  Charles   ( 2007).  Transitions between irregular and rhythmic firing patterns in excitatory-inhibitory neuronal networks.  In Carson Chow  ( 2,  23,  pp. 217–235).   Journal of Computational Neuroscience.