Chyi Lyi Liang


DepartmentAgribusiness, Applied Economics, and Agriscience Education


OfficeColtrane Hall
Room: 105 B

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Chyi Lyi Liang


Ph D: Agricultural Economics, Purdue University-West Lafayette Campus, 1996

MS: Agricultural Economics, Purdue University-West Lafayette Campus, 1991

BS: Agriculture , National Taiwan University, 1987

Research Interests

multifunctional agriculture, entrepreneurship, rural development, food systems, food networks

Recent Publications

Ahearn,  Mary  Liang,  Chyi Lyi  Goetz,  Stephan  ( 2018).  Farm Business Financial Performance in Local Foods Value Chains.    Agricultural Finance Review.

Liang,  Chyi Lyi  ( 2018).  A New Paradigm to Understand the Role of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Supporting Regional Food Networks (RFNS).  In  ( 2,  13,  ).   Agricultural Research and Technology.

Liang,  C  Dunn,  P  ( 2016).  Understanding barriers for and information seeking strategies by agritourism entrepreneurs in New England.  In Mary Jo Jackson  ( 2,  27,  pp. 149-177).   Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Liang,  C  ( 2015).  Dollar Enterprise รข€“ From Theory to Reality and an Experiential Learning Exercise Applying Community Entrepreneurship to Plan and Operate a Small Venture on Campus.  ( 978-1-4652-8955-1,  pp. 180).   Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.

Liang,  C  ( 2015).  Linking creative farming to economic mobility and rural development in New England.  In Western Regional Rural Development Center  ( Fall,  pp. 42-44).   Rural Connections.

Liang,  C  ( 2015).  What Policy Options Seem to Make the Most Sense for Local Food? .  In Mary Ahearn  ( 1,  30,  ).   Choices.