Collins Emeka Okafor

TitleAssistant Professor

DepartmentAccounting and Finance


OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 205

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Collins Emeka Okafor


Other: Certified Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA), Corporate Finance Institute, 2018

Ph D: International Business Administration (Major Conc: Finance), Texas A&M International University, 2015

MPA: Accounting, Texas A&M International University, 2014

MS: Information Systems, Texas A&M International University, 2014

MBA: International Banking and Finance, Texas A&M International University, 2009

BBA: Accounting Information System, Stetson University, 2008

Research Interests

Dr. Okafor's research interest encompasses the following areas of Corporate Finance: Dividend Policy, Capital Structure & Cost of Capital, Executive Compensation, Earnings Management, Corporate Governance, and CSR. His research interest also includes financial statement analysis & security valuation

Recent Publications

Ujah,  Nacasius  Okafor,  Collins  ( 2019).  The effect of a golden parachute on managed earnings.    Managerial Finance.

Ujah,  Nacasius  brusa,  jorge  Okafor,  Collins  ( 2017).  The Influence of Earnings Management and Bank Structure on Bank Performance: International Evidence.  ( 7,  43,  ).   Managerial Finance.

Okafor,  Collins  Smith,  L.  Ujah,  Nacasius  ( 2014).  Kleptocracy, nepotism, kakistocracy: impact of corruption in Sub-Saharan African countries.  ( 2,  5,  pp. 97).   International Journal of Economics and Accounting.

Murphy Smith,  L  Limaye,  Aditya  William Huang,  Yundong  Okafor,  Collins  ( 2011).  Accounting, IFRS, and Capital Markets in India, Singapore, and South Africa.  ( 4,  26,  pp. 32).   Internal Auditing-Boston.

Okafor,  Collins  Ujah,  N  Elkassabgi,  A  Ajalie,  W  ( 2011).  Democracy and FDI inflow: Evidence of discordance in sub-Saharan Africa.  ( 63,  pp. 140–149).   International Research Journal of Finance and Economics.

Okafor,  Collins  Bakay,  Aziz  Ujah,  Nacasius  ( 2011).  Factors Explaining ICT Diffusion: Case Study of Selected Latin American Countries.  ( 2,  3,  ).   International Journal on Advances in ICT for Emerging Regions (ICTer).

Ujah,  Nacasius  Okafor,  Collins  ( 2011).  UNLEASHING THE CRACKEN: DOES INTERNET FINANCIAL REPORTING MATTER IN AFRICA.  ( 1,  5,  pp. 87–97).   International Journal Of The Academic Business World.