Cathy D. Kea


DepartmentEducator Preparation


OfficeProctor Hall
Room: 247

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Cathy D. Kea


Other: Special Education, University of Virginia, 1997

Ph D: Education, University of Kansas, 1988

MS: Education, University of Wisconsin- LaCrosse, 1976

BA: Elementary Education, North Carolina Central University, 1975

Research Interests

Dr. Kea is an accomplished scholar who is widely recognized in her field and the 2019 recipient of the University of Kansas Leadership to the Special Education Field Award. She has authored and co-authored 30 refereed journal articles, monographs & book chapters and has been a continuous recipient of OSEP personnel preparation grants totaling over $6 million in scholarship support. Kea's research focuses on preparing preservice teachers to design and deliver culturally responsive instruction in urban classrooms and ways to infuse diversity throughout course syllabi and teacher preparation programs. Her recent longitudinal works examine how preservice teacher candidates who are being exposed to cross-cultural experiences and culturally responsive strategies during coursework, infuse them in lesson plan development & delivery, clinical practices and induction years.

Recent Publications

Cartledge,  Gwendolyn  Kea,  Cathy  Watson,  Martreece  Oif,  Alaina  ( 2016).  Special Education Disproportionality: A Review of Responses to Intervention and Culturally Relvant Pedagogy.  ( 1,  16,  pp. 1-21).   Multiple Voices.

Trent,  Stanley  Driver,  Melissa  Rodriguez,  Diane  Oh,  Kevin  Stewart,  Shavon  Kea,  Cathy  Artilles,  Alfredo  ( 2014).  Beyond Brown: Empirical research on diverse learners with or at-risk for specific learning disabilities from 1994-2014.  ( 2,  14,  pp. 12-29).   Multiple Voices.

Montalvo,  Robert  Combes,  Bertina  Kea,  Cathy  ( 2014).  Perspectives On Culturally and Linguistically Responsive RtI Pedagogics Through A Cultural and Linguistic Lens.  ( 3,  4,  pp. 203-214).   Interdisciplinary Journal of Teaching and Learning.

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