Abolghasem Shahbazi


DepartmentNatural Resources and Environmental Design




OfficeSockwell Hall
Room: 107

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Abolghasem Shahbazi


Ph D: Agricultural Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, 1982

Research Interests

Bioenergy Biofuels (Ethanol, biodiesel, and hydrocarbons) Renewable Energy (Solar Energy) Bioprocessing and bioproduct development

Recent Publications

Issa,  Aseel  Schimmel,  Keith  Worku,  Mulumebet  Abolghasem,  Shahbazi  Ibrahim,  Salam  Tahergorabi,  Reza  ( 2018).  Sweet Potato Starch‐Based Nanocomposites: Development, Characterization and Biodegradability.    Starch‐Stärke.

Li,  Rui  Shahbazi,  A.  Wang,  L.   Zhang,  Bo  ( 2018).  Nanostructured molybdenum carbide on biochar for CO2 reforming of CH4.  Li, R., Shahbazi, A., Wang, L.J., Zhang, B., Chung, C., Dayton, D., Yan, Q. 2018.   ( 403,  pp. 403-410).   Fuel.

Bekoe,  D.  Wang,  Lijun  Zhang,  B.  Scott,  M.  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  ( 2018).  Aerobic treatment of swine manure to enhance microalgal culture and anaerobic digestion.  ( 2,  53,  pp. 145-151).   Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B: Pesticides, Food Contaminants and Agricultural Wastes .

Chen,  J.  Wang,  Lijun  Zhang,  B.  Li,  R.  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  ( 2018).  Enhancement of Hydrothermal Liquefaction of Dairy Manure with Ammonium Hydroxide, Phosphoric Acid and Glycerol for Co-production of Bio-oil and Biochar.  ( 230,  10,  pp. 1-14).   Sustainability.

Amini,  H.  Wang,  Lijun  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  Hashemisohi,  A.  Bikdash,  Marwan  Kc,  Dukka  Yuan,  W.  ( 2018).  An integrated growth kinetics and computational fluid dynamics model for the analysis of algal productivity in open raceway ponds.  ( 145,  pp. 363-372).   Computer and Electronics in Agriculture.

Boakye-Boaten,  Agya  Kurkalova,  Lyubov  Xiu,  Shuangning  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  ( 2017).  Techno-economic analysis for the biochemical conversion of Miscanthus x giganteus into bioethanol.  ( 98,  pp. 85-94).   Biomass and Bioenergy.

Xiu,  S.  Zhang,  Bo  Boakye-Boaten,  Nana  Shahabzi,  A.  ( 2017).  Green Biorefinery of Giant Miscanthus for Growing Microalgae and Biofuel Production.  ( ISSN 2311-5637,  3,  pp. 66).   Fermentation.

Zhang,  B.  Wang,  Lijun  Li,  R.  Rahman,  Q.  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  ( 2017).  Catalytic conversion of Chlamydomonas to hydrocarbons via the ethanol-assisted liquefaction and hydrotreating processes.  ( 31,  pp. 12223-12231).   Energy & Fuels.

Talal,  A.  Xiu,  S.  Wang,  Lijun  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  ( 2017).  Investigation of Ni/Fe/Mg Zeolite-Supported Catalysts in Steam Reforming of Biomass Tar and Toluene as a Model Compound.  ( 211,  pp. 566-571).   Fuel.

Pylypenko,  Anton  Rastigejev,  Yevgenii  Wang,  Lijun  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  ( 2017).  Experimental and Numerical Sudy of Cold Gas-solid Hydrodynamics in a Fluidized Bed Gasifier.  ( PowerEnergy2017-3263,  pp. 10).   ASME paper .

Amini,  Hossein  Hashemisohi,  Abolhasan  Wang,  Lijun  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  Bikdash,  Marwan  Kc,  Dukka  Yuan,  Wenqiao  ( 2016).  Numerical and experimental investigation of hydrodynamics and light transfer in open raceway ponds at various algal cell concentrations and medium depths.  ( 156,  pp. 11-23).   Chemical Engineering Science.

Rafati,  M.   Wang,  Lijun  Dayton,  David  Schimmel,  Keith  Kabadi,  Vinayak  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  ( 2016).  Techno-economic analysis of production of Fisher-Tropsch liquids via biomass gasification: the effects of Fischer-Tropsch catalysts and natural gas co-feeding.  ( 133,  pp. 153-166).   Energy Conversion and Management.

Ayad,  Amira  El-Rab,  Deiaa  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  Worku,  Mulumebet  Schimmel,  Keith  Ejimakor,  Godfrey  Zimmerman,  Tahl  Ibrahim,  Salam  ( 2016).  Using date palm by-products to cultivate Lactobacilllus reuteri spp..  No    Journal of Food Research.

Hayek,  Saeed  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  Ibrahim,  Salam  ( 2016).  Using Sweet Potatoes as a Basic Component to Develop a Medium for the Cultivation of Lactobacilli.  Proceedings of the 2013 National Conference on Advances in Environmental Science and Technology    Springer International Publishing.

Li,  R.  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  Wang,  Lijun  Zhang,  B.  Hung,  Albert  Dayton,  D  ( 2016).  Graphite encapsulated molybdenum carbide core/shell nanocomposite for highly selective conversion of guaiacol to phenolic compounds in methanol.  ( 528,  pp. 123-130).   Applied Catalysis A: General.

Ansah,  E.  Wang,  Lijun  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  ( 2016).  Thermogravimetric and calorimetric characteristics during co-pyrolysis of municipal solid waste components.  ( 56,  pp. 196-206).   Waste Management.

Amini,  Hossein  Wang,  Lijun  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  ( 2016).  Effects of harvesting cell density, medium depth and environmental factors on biomass and lipid productivities of Chlorella vulgaris in swine wastewater.  ( 152,  pp. 403-412).   Chemical Engineering Science.

Ravella,  Ramesh  Shahbazi,  Abolghasem  ( 2016).  Growth Response to Nutrient Management during a 3 Year Study of Miscanthus x Giganteus .  ( 2,  13,  pp. 1-8).   American Journal of Experimental Agriculture.