Andrea Ofori-Boadu

TitleAssistant Professor

DepartmentBuilt Environment


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OfficePrice Hall
Room: 112J

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Andrea Ofori-Boadu


Ph D: Technology Management, Indiana State University, 2012

MS: Industrial Technology, North Carolina A&T State University, 2004

BS: Building Technology, University of Science and Technology, 1997

Research Interests

Her research interests are in o Cement pastes with swine-waste biochar o Management of sustainable building projects o Cost Engineering o STEM Education

Recent Publications

Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Shofoluwe,  Musibau  Pyle,  Robert  ( 2017).  Development of a Housing Eligibility Assessment Score for Low-income Housing Repair in the Southeastern region of the United States. .  ( 3,  35,  pp. 194-217).   International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation.

Shofoluwe,  Musibau  Ejohwomu,  Obuks  Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Adewolu,  Adeoye  ( 2017).  Organizational Safety Commitment of Top U.S. Construction Firms..  In Dr. Jason Lucas,  N/A  ( 2,  42,  pp. 15-25).   The Professional Constructor - Journal of the American Institute of Constructors.

Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Kelley,  Rico  Aryeetey,  Frederick  Hajialiakbari Fini,  Elham  Akangah,  Paul  ( 2017).  The Influence of Swine-Waste Biochar on the Early-Age Characteristics of Cement Paste.  ( 6,  7,  pp. 1-7).   International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications.

Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Addo,  Lee  Adebakin,  Mariam  ( 2016).  An integrated construction management approach for addressing LEED project challenges.  ( 9,  18,  pp. 91-98).   International Organization of Scientific Research – Journal of Business and Management.

Bock Hyeng,  Christian  Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Yamb-Bell,  Emmanuel  Shofoluwe,  Musibau  ( 2016).  Mechanical Properties of Sustainable Adobe Bricks Stabilized with Recycled Sugarcane Fiber Waste.  ( 9,  6,  pp. 50-59).   International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications .

Yeboah,  Frank  Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Sam,  Peter  Shofoluwe,  Musibau  ( 2016).  Short-Term Wind Speed Prediction using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques.  ( 2,  16,  pp. 13-22).   International Journal of Modern Engineering.

Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  ( 2015).  Exploring Regression Models for Forecasting Early Cost Estimates for High-Rise Buildings. .  ( 5,  31,  pp. 1-22).   Journal of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering.

Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Shofoluwe,  Musibau  Owusu-Manu,  DeGraft  David,  Edwards  Gary,  Holt  ( 2015).  Analysis of Energy Programs in the U.S. commercial buildings sector .  ( 4,  5 ,  pp. 349-362).   Built Environment Project and Asset Management .

Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Shofoluwe,  Musibau  Yeboah,  Frank  ( 2013).  An assessment of the predictors of U.S. commercial electricity consumption.  In Dr. Philip Weinsier  ( 1,  5 ,  pp. 76-89).   International Journal of Engineering Research and Innovation, .

Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Shofoluwe,  Musibau  Pyle,  Robert  ( 2013).  Predictors of electricity efficiency in the U.S. buildings sector: An Assessment of energy programs and contextual factors. .  In Kevin Woodman    LAP Lambert Academic Publishing..

Shofoluwe,  Musibau  Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Waller,  Lewis  Bock Hyeng,  Christian  ( 2012).  Quality Improvement Practices of Award-Winning Residential Builders and Housing Developers. .  ( 1,  23,  pp. 7-12).   International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Production Research, 23, 1. 7 – 12..

Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Owusu Manu,  DeGraft  Edwards,  David  Holt,  Gary  ( 2012).  Exploration of Management Practices for LEED Projects: Lessons from Successful Green Building Contractors..  ( 2,  30,  pp. 145-162).   Structural Survey.

Ofori-Boadu,  Andrea  Okere,  George  Kim,  Cho  ( 2010).  BIM: Implementation Strategies and Future Implications.  ( 1,  pp. 102-124).   International Journal of Project Planning and Finance.