Alice M. Johnson

TitleAssociate Professor



OfficeMerrick Hall
Room: 320

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Alice M. Johnson


Ph D: Business Administration, University of Kentucky, 2001

MS: Personnel and Industrial Relations, Winthrop University, 1984

BA: Business Administration, Winston-Salem State University, 1978

Research Interests

Research interests are: 1. Information systems strategy 2. Information security 3. Systems Analysis, Design, and Development

Recent Publications

Johnson,  Alice  ( 2018).  The Strategic Value of Participating in Information Security Research: Evidence From the Finance, Healthcare, and Insurance Industries.  ( 1,  5,  pp. 1-29).   The Journal of the Southern Association of Information Systems.

Johnson,  Alice  Shipps,  Belinda  ( 2014).  Acquiring Subject Participation for Information Security Research: A Content and Correspondence Analysis Approach.  In Kallol Bagchi, Phd  ( 4,  9,  pp. 3-30).   Journal of Information Privacy and Security.

Johnson,  Alice  Lederer,  A.  ( 2013).  IS Strategy and IS Contribution: CEO and CIO Perspectives.  ( 30,  pp. 306-318).   Information Systems Management.

Johnson,  Alice  Lederer,  Albert  ( 2010).  CEO/CIO mutual understanding, strategic alignment, and the contribution of IS to the Organization.  ( 3,  47,  pp. 138-149).   Information & Management.

Johnson,  Alice  ( 2009).  Business and Security Executives Views of Information Security Investment Drivers: Results from a Delphi Study.  ( 1,  5,  pp. 3-27).   Journal of Information Privacy and Security.

Johnson,  Alice  Lederer,  Albert  ( 2009).  CEO/CIO Agreement and the Information Systems Strategic Grid Dimensions.  In Tan, A. and Theodorou, P    IGI Global Publishers.

Newkirk,  H.  Lederer,  A.  Johnson,  A.  ( 2008).  Business and Information Technology Change, and the Alignment of Information Systems Strategy with Business Strategy.  ( 3,  17,  pp. 198-218).   European Journal of Information Systems.

Johnson,  Alice  Lederer,  A.  ( 2007).  The Impact of Communication between CEOs and CIOs on the Shared Views of the Current and Future Role of IT.  ( 1,  24,  pp. 85-90).   Information Systems Management.

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