Ademe Mekonnen

TitleAssociate Professor

DepartmentEnergy and Environmental Systems



OfficeGibbs Hall
Room: 310

1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Ademe Mekonnen


Ph D: Atmospheric Science , University at Albany State University , 2008

MS: Weather, Climate and Modeling, University of Reading, 1998

Other: Economics, Addis Ababa University, 1997

Other: Agricultural Meteorology, Israel Meteorological Department, 1990

Other: Meteorology, India Meteorological Department, 1990

BS: Physics, Addis Ababa University, 1986

Research Interests

Research interest includes the interaction between tropical waves and convection, regional monsoons and medium to longer range forecast problem, climate variability and climate change.

Recent Publications

Mekonnen,  Ademe  Rossow,  William  ( 2018).  The Interaction Between Convective Systems and Easterly Wave Activity over Africa: Convective Transitions And Mechanisms.  ( 146,  pp. 1945-1961).   Monthly Weather Review.

Thiaw,  Wassila  Janicot,  Serge  Bekele,  Endalkachew   Cook,  Kerry  Fontaine,  B.  Mekonnen,  Ademe  Ndiaye,  Osmane  Tamo,  H  Vizy,  E.  ( 2017).  “Subseasonal Forecasting” in Meteorology of Tropical West Africa: The Forecasters' Handbook.  In Doug Parker and Mariane Diop-Kane,  yes    Wiley.

Semunegus,  Hilawe  Mekonnen,  Ademe  Schreck,  Carl  ( 2017).  Characterization of Convective Systems and their Interaction with African Easterly Waves.  no  ( 37,  pp. 4486-4492).   International Journal of Climatology.

Mekonnen,  Ademe  Thorncroft,  Chris  ( 2016).  On mechanisms that determine synoptic time scale convection over East Africa .  ( 36,  pp. 4045-4057).   International Journal of Climatology.

Sayemuzzaman,  Mohammad  Mekonnen,  Ademe  Jha,  Manoj  ( 2015).  Diurnal temperature range trend over North Carolina and the associated mechanisms.  ( 160,  pp. 99--108).   Atmospheric Research.

Sayemuzzaman,  Mohammad  Jha,  Manoj  Mekonnen,  Ademe  ( 2015).  Spatio-temporal long-term (1950--2009) temperature trend analysis in North Carolina, United States.  ( 1-2,  120,  pp. 159--171).   Theoretical and Applied Climatology.

Sayemuzzaman,  Mohammad  Jha,  Manoj  Mekonnen,  Ademe  Schimmel,  Keith  ( 2014).  Subseasonal climate variability for North Carolina, United States.  ( 145,  pp. 69--79).   Atmospheric research.

Spinks,  James  Lin,  Yuh-Lang  Mekonnen,  Ademe  ( 2014).  Effects of the subtropical anticyclones over North Africa and Arabian peninsula on the African easterly jet.  ( 35,  pp. 733-745).   International Journal of Climatology.

Rossow,  William  Mekonnen,  Ademe  Pearl,  Cindy  Goncalves,  Weber  ( 2013).  Tropical precipitation extremes.  ( 4,  26,  pp. 1457–1466).   Journal of Climate.

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Aiyyer,  Anantha  Mekonnen,  Ademe  Schreck, III,  Carl  ( 2012).  Projection of Tropical Cyclones on Wavenumber-Frequency-Filtered Equatorial Waves.  ( 10,  25,  pp. 3653–3658).   Journal of Climate.

Mekonnen,  Ademe  Rossow,  William  ( 2011).  The interaction between deep convection and easterly waves over tropical North Africa: A weather state perspective.  ( 16,  24,  pp. 4276–4294).   Journal of Climate.