Adelle Bish

TitleAssociate Professor


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1601 East Market Street
Greensboro, NC 27411

Craig Hall


Ph D: Philosophy, Queensland University of Technology , 2006

MS: Organizational Psychology, The University of Queensland , 1992

BA: Psychology, California State University, Long Beach, 1989

Research Interests

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Recent Publications

Ananthram,  Subramaniam  Teo,  Stephen  Connell,  Julia  Bish,  Adelle  ( 2017).  Control and involvement HR practices in Indian call centres: still searching for answers.    Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources.

Becker,  Karen  Bish,  Adelle  ( 2017).  Management development experiences and expectations: informal vs formal learning.  ( 6,  59,  pp. 565-578).   EDUCATION AND TRAINING.

Bish,  Adelle  Becker,  Karen  ( 2016).  Exploring Expectations of Nonprofit Management Capabilities.  ( 3,  45,  pp. 437-457).   NONPROFIT AND VOLUNTARY SECTOR QUARTERLY.

Becker,  Karen  Jorgensen,  Frances  Bish,  Adelle  ( 2015).  Knowledge identification and development in SMEs: Strategically emergent or just ad hoc?.  no  ( 3,  11,  pp. 1-16).   International Journal of Knowledge Management.

Bish,  Adelle  Newton,  Cameron  Johnston,  Kim  ( 2015).  Leader vision and diffusion of HR policy during change.  ( 4,  28,  pp. 529-545).   JOURNAL OF ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT.

Bish,  Adelle  Newton,  Cameron  Browning,  Vicky  O'Connor,  Peter  Anibaldi,  Renata  ( 2014).  An exploration of the professional competencies required in engineering asset management.  ( 4,  39,  pp. 432--447).   European Journal of Engineering Education.

Bish,  Adelle  Kabanoff,  Boris  ( 2014).  Star performers: task and contextual performance are components, but are they enough?.  ( 1,  52,  pp. 110-127).   ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCES.

Bish,  Adelle  Bradley,  Lisa  Sargent,  Leisa  ( 2004).  Career development for going beyond the call of duty: is it perceived as fair?.  ( 4,  9,  pp. 391--405).   Career Development International.