Technology Week 2014

The School of Technology presents Technology Week, March 17-21, 2014 with various events throughout the week.  The theme this year is “Driving Excellence with Technology”.  Technology continues to be the driving force in helping companies run efficient operations. When old processes are not working and companies are trying to boost performance they often turn to new technology solutions.

The purpose of Technology Week is an opportunity to educate, inform, and display the field of technology and its place as a career choice.  We bring together School of Technology students, faculty, staff, high school and community college students, and corporate partners to share the story of “Why Technology?”  Not only is technology one of the fields that is in a job growth pattern, but it meets the strategic direction of the country in increasing jobs in STEM. 

Many activities throughout the week are planned:  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday we showcase the seven undergraduate technology programs, and on Thursday evening, we will have a Women in Technology Lecture and Panel Discussion. 

For more information, please contact the School of Technology at 336-334-7359 or visit our web-site

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