5th Annual Dialogue on Progressive Enlightenment Conference

The 5th annual Dialogue on Progressive Enlightenment (DOPE) conference will be held on campus March 20-22. This year’s conference theme is: African, Health, Psychology. This conference will examine the potential for African systems to address health problems by exposing students to cultural, nutritional, political, and psychological factors affecting health in the United States and throughout the continent.

The keynote address will be given by Dr. Iyelli Ichile, assistant professor of African American Studies at Temple University, as well as discussions  from students, administrative panels, community engagement projects, the Fight Club, and invited presentations from world-renowned scholars including Drs. Umar Johnson, Marimba Ani, Jared Ball, Mark Bolden and Quito Swan. DOPE is sponsored by the Divisions of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.

For more information email: dopeconference@gmail.com  or call 336-285-2273.