Technology related policies provide governance foundations for which users are informed of their responsibilities and accountability pertaining to the use, protection, destruction, and business continuity of the University’s technology related assets. Technology related standards and procedures provide minimum requirements and instructions for users to adhere to in support of technology related policies. Technology related assets include data, network infrastructure, software, and hardware. 



Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Email itsecure@ncat.edu
Data Classification Policy Email itsecure@ncat.edu
Email Domain Policy Email systemrequest@ncat.edu
Email - Employee Use Policy Email systemrequest@ncat.edu
Email - Student Use Policy Email systemrequest@ncat.edu
Information Security Policy                                 Email itsecure@ncat.edu
Mobile Communications Device (MC) Policy - MCD Allowance Email telecomstaff@ncat.edu
Network Use Policy Email net-info@ncat.edu
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Policy Email itsecure@ncat.edu


Disposal and Transfer Procedures For University Assets Containing University Data Email itsecure@ncat.edu

UNC-GA: University General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule (see link under Highlights section)

Contact the Archives Department - Bluford Library


Security Breach Procedure Email itsecure@ncat.edu