Respondus Monitor Best Practices

  • Use several communication methods (syllabus, course announcements, text in content areas) to inform your students that you are using a LockDown Browser and a video monitoring system during tests and exams.
  • Include information in your syllabus and your Blackboard course about technical requirements and best practices for using Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor.
  • Create at least one practice test at the beginning of the semester using Respondus Monitor. Make this a short low/no stakes quiz so they can practice accessing and using the tool.
  • Remind students that they are required to access Blackboard using a special browser in order to take an exam using Respondus Monitor. Provide a link for students to download the LockDown Browser within your course:
  • Remind students to  prepare their test taking environment to remove any materials that are not appropriate for use during tests as well as materials that may not be appropriate for their instructor to see.