Holiday Scams and Spoofs Announcement

From: Information Technology Services
Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2018 1:51 PM
To: All NCAT Employees; All Students Distribution List
Subject: ITS Announcement:: Holiday Season Scams and Spoofs - Don't TAKE the BAIT!


ITS Announcement 

Holiday Season Scams and Spoofs - Don't TAKE the BAIT!

November 28, 2018


Email scams, spoofs, and phishing attempts always increase this time of year as we approach the holiday season. Some of you were sent a fraudulent direct deposit change request email with the chancellor as the sender.  The email had an America Online email address and punctuation errors.  Posing as someone you know, cyber criminals also sent some of you a fraudulent gift card scam email.  Use caution if you receive a suspicious email, especially if the sender is requesting a payroll change, a gift card purchase, package delivery information, or anything related to your login credentials or personal information.

ITS has taken measures to protect the campus community.   Don't TAKE the BAIT!  Look for the following alarms:


Improper grammar/misspelled words

Email is out of character/not normal for sender

Email address of sender IS NOT a valid university email address

Email is about financial gain for sender even if reimbursement is mentioned

Sender is too busy or not able to talk but is looking out for your email response


If you suspect that an email may be fraudulent, notify


Information Technology Services