Gifts Cards Scams Announcement

From: Information Technology Services
Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2018 1:06 PM
To: All Students Distribution List; All NCAT Employees
Subject: ITS Announcement: iTunes and Other Fraudulent Gift Cards Email - Don't TAKE the BAIT!


ITS Announcement 

iTunes and Other Fraudulent Gift Cards Email - Don't TAKE the BAIT!

November 13, 2018


Cyber criminals are targeting our campus community with fraudulent gift cards email.  Some of you received email from cyber criminals posing as your supervisor or someone you know asking you to purchase gift cards on the person's behalf for which you will later be reimbursed.  The email states that your supervisor or the person you know is in a meeting or in a situation whereas he or she cannot purchase the gift cards at the moment and it is urgent that you purchase the gift cards and send pictures of the gift card codes ASAP. 

ITS has taken measures to protect the campus community.  However, a university employee recently responded to a gift card fraudulent email.  Don't TAKE the BAIT!  Look for the following alarms:

  • Improper grammar/misspelled words
  • Email is out of character/not normal for sender
  • Email address of sender IS NOT a valid university email address
  • Email is about financial gain for sender even if reimbursement is mentioned

If you suspect that an email may be fraudulent, notify

Information Technology Services