Correspondence with Vendors


Order Correspondence

Following the transmittal of a purchase order to a vendor all correspondence in connection with the fulfillment of the order or contract should be handled by the Procurement Services Office. Departments should notify the Procurement Services Office of any matters they feel necessitate correspondence.

Changes to the Purchase Order

Departments are to communicate with the Procurement Services Office if a purchase order change is desired. The Procurement Services Office will process the change on the official University change sheet.

Routine Expediting

To assist in expediting deliveries and if so advised by the Procurement Services Office, departments are authorized to contact vendors concerning the status of orders in case of past-due deliveries. Care must be exercised that duplicate shipments are not made as a result of these inquiries. Copies of any correspondence should be sent to the Procurement Services Office. Always advise the vendor of the purchase order number when calling or corresponding about orders.