Picture of two physical plant workers in the field of work outside of their equipment truck



The HVAC department uses computerized equipment to monitor building temperatures in University buildings.

  • HVAC emergencies consist of leaks from units or within the system.
  • 75º and up is too hot & 68º and under is too cold by university standards.  If a room or building is out of these ranges please let us know.
  • Open windows decrease efficiency of the units and systems and increase cost.
Name Position Email Phone
Anton Anghelescu Facility Maint. Supervisor aganghel@ncat.edu 336.285.4539
George Boat Facility Maint. Tech. gboat@ncat.edu 336.285.4545
Charles Watkins Facility Maint. Tech. cnwatkins@ncat.edu 336.285.4545
Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4545
Bennie Johnson Facility Maint. Tech. ncsmooth@ncat.edu 336.285.4545
Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4545
Ronald Hylton Facility Maint. Tech. heronald@ncat.edu 336.285.4545