Picture of two physical plant workers in the field of work outside of their equipment truck



The Grounds Department plants and maintains our beautiful grounds impressing students and parents with its beauty.

This department is also responsible for trash removal, schedules moving and hauling of items on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and setup for special events.


Moving and Hauling Concerns:

  1.  Since the shut-down of the Union, there are no table and chairs to deliver for departmental functions.  Most departments have obtained chairs and tables from the Union and store them in their buildings.  Moving and hauling does not set up these tables and chairs for departmental events since we no longer are required to deliver this material. 
  2. We need a 2 week notice to schedule your small moves.  The moving and hauling crew are also the grounds maintenance crew and their first priority is lawn maintenance.  We need time to schedule all moving and hauling requests.  Supervisor will visit the requester and schedule request based on your schedule and his/her schedule.
  3. Departments that order large equipment and or sensitive equipment—Moving and hauling does not move.  Department should arrange with the company delivery and set up.
  4. Moving and hauling supervisor will evaluate each move to assess if the job can be done in a safe manner.  It is up to the department to decline a request.  We will leave you with a few vendors that you could contact.
  5.  File cabinets/Desks/etc… –should be emptied before moving.
  6. Moving and Hauling does not provide boxes.
  7. For all surplus items you must contact Property Management 285-45**.  We do not surplus items.
  8. Grounds/Moving and Hauling have a rotating shift.  6am-3pm and 7am-4pm.  You are required to provide a budget code and pay for any overtime after our normal shift hours.
  9. Moving and Hauling is not equipped to do large moves.  These should be arranged with an outside vendor such as Two Men and A Truck.  Supervisor will evaluate each request to determine if the department can fulfill the request.
  10. Moving and Hauling does not unpack equipment, furniture, etc…  We recommend departments coordinate with the vendor for those types of requests.

Grounds concerns:

1.             All tree Punning request will be handled in the fall unless deemed a hazard.

2.            Keep gators parked off of the grass.  This makes it difficult to maintain lawn.  Departments should prepare parking for gators that do not block doors.  (ex. Fund concrete approved pads and drives for all utility vehicles).

3.            Gators—those departments with utility vehicles please be mindful of the paths that you create in the grass by using the same path and the ruts you cause when driving in grass when the grounds are wet/soft.  Create dirt roads within the manicured lawns.  By taking different routes when you must be on the grass will help drastically.  However when you can use a sidewalk or road that is preferable.  It may take longer but preferable.  Also be mindful of irrigation water heads.  Repairs are costly from gator/vehicle damage.

Problems that ruts causes if not repaired:  Ruts damages lawn mower equipment, damages sprinkler heads, injures employees, etc…

Janice Martin Bldg. Environ. Services Mgr. js006007@ncat.edu 336.256.2380