Picture of two physical plant workers in the field of work outside of their equipment truck



The carpentry department is responsible for the following:

  • Hanging bulletin boards, cork boards, pictures, etc will now be handled by outside contractors.
  • Ceiling tile replacements should be placed to carpenter shop.
  • Carpenters do not assemble or make furniture.
  • Broken door hinges will be handled by the carpenter shop.
  • Carpenters will no longer install door stops due to EHS regulations.
  • Carpenters will cut door stop blocks.  Please do not use any other objects to hold doors open.
  • Carpenters erect stages, and will set up pipe and drape for special events.  They will also move the mechanical bleachers in and out.

This department is also responsible for roof maintenance and repair. 

Name Position Email Phone
Facility Maint. Supervisor 336.285.4536
Donald Crosby Facility Maint. Tech. dcrosby@ncat.edu 336.285.4538
Frank Fisher Facility Maint. Tech. fnfishery@ncat.edu 336.285.4538
Facility Maint. Tech. 336.285.4538
Arthur Stewart Facility Maint. Tech. astewar1@ncat.edu 336.285.4538