Parking Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Parking Services has adopted a Parking Program to create an orderly traffic flow and excellent parking conditions on campus.  The following are a short list of important Rules and Regulations that will save you time and unnecessary expense:

    1. All permits must be visible when parking on campus.  NO EXCEPTIONS, your vehicle will be subject to ticketing or immobilization.
    2. No parking in tow zones.
    3. Do not park in Reserved Spaces.
    4. Do not park in any Handicapped Access ramps or Handicapped spaces without a valid Handicapped Placard.
    5. No parking in Fire lanes or near Fire Hydrants.
    6. Permits will not be valid during special events.


Vehicle(s) with three (3) or more unpaid citations will be booted and towed.  A vehicle is also subjected to be towed for parking in reserved spaces, fire lanes, driving lanes or other undesignated areas.  When a vehicle has been booted or towed, the registered owner/driver must come to the Parking And Transportation Services(PATS) Office by 4:00 PM during normal business hours.  All outstanding fines and associated fees must be paid before the boot or the tow claim ticket is released.

Parking Rules & Regulations