Policies and Procedures

Card Issuance Policy

The North Carolina A&T Aggie OneCard is required for all students, staff, and faculty of the University. Authorization on a day to day basis is made at the Registrar’s Office and Office of Human Resources. The OneCard Center is charged with responsibility of ensuring that only those eligible receive cards.

All patrons applying for an Aggie OneCard must provide our office with an official government-issued photo ID such as a license, state ID, military ID, or a passport as well as their N.C. A&T Banner ID.

There are several systems which provide authorization to receive a OneCard. Students gain eligibility by being enrolled and listed in Aggie Access. We receive daily imports from Aggie Access to the OneCard system with current student information. A student must be enrolled and validated to receive a OneCard. There is an exception made for first-time students at orientation events. The student must only be enrolled, as validation will happen at a later date.

Permanent faculty and staff may show authorization by entering their Banner ID through our CS GOLD system. If an employee’s information is not available in this system, he or she may not receive a OneCard without proper documentation verifying active employee status, such as an official communication from Human Resources.

Temporary employees may receive an Aggie OneCard to gain access to the buildings, as necessary, by their department. They are not eligible for any extended card services unless special privilege has been provided and requested by the department.


Cardholder Agreement Policy

The Aggie OneCard is the official identification card for students, faculty, and staff of North Carolina A&T State University. It also allows access to certain facilities and serves as a library card. The Aggie OneCard also acts as a stored-value card and allows the cardholder to initiate financial transactions at an increasing number of campus locations, including: Williams Dining Hall, University Bookstore, Aggie Dome, University Mail Center, A La Carte Dining, and residence hall laundromats.

When a student or employee acquires an Aggie OneCard, he or she agrees to the terms and conditions found in this agreement. In addition to the terms and conditions found in the cardholder agreement, a cardholder who elects to use the Aggie OneCard for financial transactions also agrees to the terms and conditions found in the SVC and Deposit Account Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions for Identification Card Purposes

The Aggie OneCard identifies the cardholder as a student, employee, or affiliate of the University, and upon receiving the card the student, employee, or affiliate agrees to the following terms and conditions:

Authorization for Personal Use Only: Penalties for Unauthorized Use

The Aggie OneCard will not be loaned or otherwise transferred to another person and doing so results in a violation of University policies. Any attempt to obtain, use, or assist in obtaining or using, an Aggie OneCard for fraudulent identification is an honor code violation and may be subject to disciplinary action. Students, staff, and faculty are permitted to have one Aggie OneCard in their possession. Any duplicate or inactive Aggie OneCards should be turned in to the Aggie OneCard Center or will be confiscated if found. For security purposes, old Aggie OneCards shall not be reactivated once a new number is generated in the system.

Property of North Carolina A&T State University

The Aggie OneCard is the property of North Carolina A&T State University (N.C. A&T). Upon a request from any N.C. A&T official or security personnel, the cardholder will provide his or her Aggie OneCard if required to do so. Improper or fraudulent use constitutes a violation of state law. Upon termination of employment, the cardholder agrees to return his or her Aggie OneCard to the Aggie OneCard Center or to the N.C. A&T Office of Human Resources.

Cardholder Digital Photograph and Photo Privacy

The cardholder’s digital photograph will be printed on the face of your Campus Card and will be stored in the Aggie OneCard database. Photos may also be requested by other departments as required for University services and activities. Any photograph older than 5 years must be updated.

For identity purposes, hats and head coverings must not be worn for the photograph on the Campus Card, unless it is worn daily for religious beliefs or medical reasons. However, the individual’s full face must be clearly visible and the head covering must not cast any shadows on the individual’s face.

The digital images used to produce photo identification are not considered directory information and the use of the photos is governed by FERPA and other applicable University policies. Requests for access to the digital images for purposes other than creating Aggie OneCards must be made in writing and approved by the Aggie OneCard staff at card@ncat.edu.

Obligation to Report Lost or Stolen Card

The cardholder is obligated to report a lost or stolen Aggie OneCard as soon as possible. This report will be made to either the Aggie OneCard Center or to the Office of Public Safety. The cardholder may also put their card on hold through our website at https://get.cbord.com/ncat/.

The student or employee is responsible for paying any applicable replacement fee prior to or concurrent with the reissuance of his or her Aggie OneCard. The current replacement fee is posted at the Aggie OneCard Center.

If the cardholder has Wells Fargo Banking linked to their Aggie OneCard, they must also report the lost or stolen card to Wells Fargo at 800-Wells Fargo (800-869-3557).

Confiscated Cards

Cards are the property of North Carolina A&T State University and must be presented to University official upon request. Cards may be confiscated if a cardholder does not abide by the terms and conditions of any portion of this agreement. Confiscated student cards will be sent to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. Cards will be returned in accordance with current policies regarding disciplinary actions.

Aggie OneCard may be confiscated for the following reasons:

  • Misuse (i.e. fraudulent, unauthorized use, excessive offline overages, or revoked privileges)
  • Student suspension or withdrawal
  • University Police arrest (Ref.: Guidelines for Confiscation)
  • Employee separation or resignation

Door Access

Housing Access will be given by import from Residence Management System (RMS) at the beginning of each semester. RMS is managed and maintained by N.C. A&T Department of Housing and Residence. Any housing amendments made outside of RMS must be written, via email or official N.C. A&T housing change form signed by an appropriate Housing official. If the cardholder requires only temporary Housing access, Housing and Residence Department must provide appropriate notice.

Lab or Building Access must be requested by the appropriate department and building representative as necessary for operational or research purposes. Building representatives must email a copy of access requests including the cardholder Banner ID, access requested, and expiration date (if necessary). Requests for access to multiple buildings must go through all the appropriate building representatives.

Right to Alter Terms and Conditions

North Carolina A&T State University reserves the right to alter any term or condition contained herein. A current version of this agreement is available upon request from the Aggie OneCard Center.


Terms and Conditions for Stored-Value Card Use

Effective Date: Dec 2017

The Aggie OneCard may, at the cardholder’s option, be used to pay for various goods and services on campus via various accounts. The following terms and conditions will not apply until the cardholder first uses his or her card for a financial transaction. LOADING VALUE TO YOUR AGGIE ONECARD FOR FUTURE USE CONSTITUTES A FINANCIAL TRANSACTION.

Liability for All Financial Transactions, Including Unauthorized Transactions

The cardholder is responsible for all financial activity generated by the use of his or her card and agrees to pay for that activity. If the Aggie OneCard is lost or stolen, the cardholder is responsible for reporting all fraudulent charges to the appropriate merchant. Aggie OneCard assumes no responsibility for fraudulent charges and all approvals for refunds, with the exception of laundry, will need to be handled directly with the merchant. Laundry charge disputes shall be processed in person at the Aggie OneCard Center.

Types of Accounts

Aggie OneCard cardholders will have access to use various accounts to process financial transactions. These accounts are established either when the cardholder receives their first Aggie OneCard, by import from the Office of the Registrar, or when an active cardholder purchases a meal plan with an assigned account attached. Funds on these accounts are subject to the limitation and expiration terms defined below:

  1. Aggie Dollars: The Aggie Dollars account is established at the issuance of the cardholder’s first Aggie OneCard. Funds on the Aggie Dollar Account are universally accepted throughout the N.C. A&T campus merchants. The minimum deposit for the Aggie Dollars account at any time is $5. Funds are deducted from the account at the time of transaction and all transactions using the Aggie Dollars account are taxed. Monies deposited in the Aggie Dollars account do not expire for the duration that the cardholder is active at N.C. A&T.
  2. Book Voucher: Student cardholder with a surplus of funds available through the Registrar’s office will have the option to designate funds to be placed on their Aggie OneCard for use on campus. Book Voucher monies are imported directly from Banner and the Office of the Registrar. Book Voucher account may not be funded through in office or online deposits, as all Book Voucher deposits must be imported directly from Banner. Book Voucher funds may be used at all campus merchant locations and are taxed. Monies in the Book Voucher account do not expire for the duration that the cardholder is active at N.C. A&T.
  3. Commuter Dining Dollars and Flex Dollars: With the purchase of a meal plan, a specific amount of Commuter Dining Dollars or Flex Dollars may be applied to a cardholder’s Aggie OneCard. These accounts are taxable, limited in use to dining facilities on campus and are subject to expiration and terms defined in the N.C. A&T dining contract which is available with DINING services.
  4. Dining Dollars: Dining Dollars accounts are established for student cardholder to deposit funds which may only be used at dining locations throughout campus. The minimum deposit for Dining Dollars accounts is $5. Money is deducted from the account at the time of transaction and all transactions using the Dining Dollars account are taxed. Monies deposited in the Dining Dollars account do not expire for the duration that the cardholder is active at N.C. A&T.
  5. Faculty/ Staff Meal Plan: Upon active employee status, the Faculty/ Staff Meal Plan is available for optional use. This account functions as a credit card deposit account allowing faculty and staff to make meal plan purchases online. Meals will be applied within 1 business day. Meal Plans are added in increments of 30 meal swipes. Deposits made to this account are non-refundable and non-transferable. For additional meal plan information including pricing and payroll deduction purchases, please visit Campus Enterprises.

Availability of Periodic Transaction Reports

N.C. A&T OneCard Center administers all accounts. Information about the cardholder’s account balance or transaction history is available at that office upon the request of the cardholder and presentation of proper identification. Cardholders may also view transactions, balances, and account statements online at https://get.cbord.com/ncat/ using a valid login and password.

Account Balances and Receipts

The cardholder’s account balance will display on cash registers and most other machines accepting the Aggie OneCard for financial transactions. The cardholder’s account balance will also appear on any receipt that may be generated at a point-of-sale register. The cardholder will also be able to check balances online at https://get.cbord.com/ncat/ using a valid login and password.

Refund of Account Balance

An employee cardholder may apply for a refund at any time following termination of employment. A student cardholder may apply, in person or in writing, for a refund at the end of the academic year, at the end of the semester in which the student cardholder graduates, or at any other time during the semester if the student cardholder officially withdraws from enrollment at North Carolina A&T State University. If a student cardholder is making a request, he or she will be required to produce documentation of his or her graduation or official withdrawal. This request for a refund must be made at the Aggie OneCard Center during regular business hours of Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding University holidays). All University debts must be satisfied prior to a refund being processed. The Aggie OneCard Account Closure form must be filed at the Aggie OneCard Center, along with accompanying documentation from The Office of the Registrar or Human Resources. Only completed refund requests will be processed for a check to be mailed to the cardholder from the Office of the Treasurer.

Wells Fargo Aggie OneCard

Cardholders with active Wells Fargo Checking or Savings account have the option to link their Aggie OneCard to their bank account for use as a debit card. The service is completely optional for cardholders and having Wells Fargo capability will not limit or impede upon the regular function of Aggie OneCard for access, financial transactions, or identification. For more terms please refer to the Wells Fargo Disclosure available on the Aggie OneCard webpage or printed at the Aggie OneCard Center.

Right to Alter Terms and Conditions

North Carolina A&T State University reserves the right to alter any term or condition contained herein. A current version of this agreement is available upon request from the Aggie OneCard Center.


Building Access Cards for Contractors

Effective Date: Dec 2017

If a department has a need for an access card for a contractor working after hours or on weekends, the following policy is to be followed:

Aggie OneCard Center will issue Building Access Cards to contractors for special projects by the authority and sponsorship of the department where the work is being done. We will gather all required information from the contractor to be entered into our OneCard Database for tracking purposes.


  1. When a department is in need of special work by a contractor during off hours and weekends, they may require the contractor to have a Building Access Card that can control the electronic access to the building that is controlled by the OneCard Center rather than issue a key to that contractor.
  2. Before the card is issued, the department must contact the OneCard Center via email (card@ncat.edu) to authorize the contractor to have a card issued.
  3. Then the department may send the contractor to the OneCard Center to receive the access card.
  4. The OneCard Center will gather the following information from the contractor (either in person from the contractor or by the email from the department) to be entered into the database.
    1. First and last name
    2. Company name
    3. Sponsoring department and sponsor’s name
    4. Classification will be “Service Card”
    5. Expiration date
    6. A photo will be printed on the card
  5. The cardholder must present an official government-issued photo ID such as a license, state ID, military ID, or a passport to the OneCard Center in order to receive a contractor card.
  6. By requesting a contractor card, the department assumes all risk and liability for the activities of contractors with approved access.


Privacy and Disclosure of Student Information

Effective Date: Dec 2017

Personal information collected and used by the University for the Aggie OneCard, including, the cardholders’ name, student/employee number, and photograph, are for the purpose of producing the official personal identification card for North Carolina A&T State University. Information on the Aggie OneCard will be used to verify identity, facilitate transactions through payment card networks, and for administering all services, programs, and activities associated with the card. 

Cardholder information is confidential as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA); a federal law governing the sharing of student information with parties within and outside the University. The Aggie OneCard Center must comply with government agencies and University offices to uphold FERPA guidelines.