The Aggie OneCard is a multi-functional campus ID card that may be used anywhere on campus, where the card is accepted.

Dining Services    There are a variety of meal plans for students, faculty and staff to choose from. For more information, visit the Dining Services website.
Student Elections Students may use Aggie OneCard to participate in the annual election of officers. This system will verify the student's status as a valid registered student before allowing them to vote.
Laundry Services Each residence hall’s laundry room is equipped with card readers where students may swipe their cards to wash and dry.
Health Services
Students may use Aggie OneCard to purchase needed medical services that are not covered in their tuition and fees. For additional information on health services, please visit the Health Services website.
Parking Services Students, faculty and staff may use Aggie OneCard to pay for parking fees and fines. 
Students, Faculty and staff can makes purchases at the Bookstore using their Aggie OneCard. Please visit the Bookstore website.
Ticket Office Students, Faculty and Staff can use the funds deposited into their Aggie OneCard to purchase tickets for all University related events on/off campus.  For additional information on ticket pricing and event dates, please contact the Ticket Office at (336) 334-7749.
Vending Students, Faculty and Staff can use Aggie OneCard at various beverage machines across campus. Most vending machines in the residence halls and various academic and administration buildings are equipped with readers. 
Door Access Here at NC A&T we want to offer you a secure environment to pursue academic excellence. Your Aggie OneCard may be programmed to allow you access into various locations across campus. 
Library Services
Students, faculty and staff can use Aggie OneCard to check out the books and other materials at the circulation counter of Bluford Library.
Athletic Events
As a full-time student or a qualifying part-time student, you have "automatic access" to all campus football and basketball games. Just present your VALID identification card.
  • Aggie Stadium
  • Corbett Sports Center
Mail Services Students, Faculty and Staff can use their Aggie OneCard to purchase goods and services from the University Mail Center. For more information on mailing services and pricing, please call (336) 334-7544.