Card Issuance

The Aggie OneCard is the official North Carolina A&T State University identification card.  All members of NC A&T will receive their first Aggie OneCard ID on arrival to campus.  If your card expiration date passes, active members of NC A&T may receive a new card at no charge.

Replacement of a lost or damaged, or stolen ID card will incur a replacement fee of $25.00. Demagnetized cards and visibly damaged cards (e.g. cards that are bent, curled, broken, or taped as well as cards with visible scratches on the magnet stripe or holes punched in the card) also carry a replacement fee. Once a card has been replaced, the old card is no longer valid.

To receive an Aggie OneCard, students, faculty, and staff must present a valid government photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport, showing his/her name, and the photo on the ID must resemble the potential cardholder before an NC A&T ID card is issued. New incoming students may receive their Aggie OneCard during orientation.  All other members of NC A&T may stop by the Aggie OneCard Center located in the Student Center, 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.