Regulations for Student Mailbox Holders

Key Issuance

Mailbox keys are issued during the first three weeks of each semester and during the first week of each summer session.  Exceptions are made for transfer students, late arrivals and medical reasons. The dates and location for issuing keys will be posted at the beginning of each semester/summer session. 

Only One Student is assigned to a mailbox (Mailbox Sharing is Prohibited) 

Mail addressed to anyone other than the box holder will be marked "RETURN TO SENDER."  

Mailing Address Format

Notify all correspondents of correct mailing address. For fast delivery, make sure mail is addressed as follows: 

Student Mailing Fromat

Failure to include box number and zip code will cause serious delays in delivery of mail or return of mail to sender. 

Mailbox Key

Do not Duplicate Your Key.   Do not give your key to anyone.  If your key is lost or stolen, please report it to the mail center immediately.  A replacement key will be issued once the replacement fee of $25.00 is paid. 

Mail Pick-Up

You must have your key in order to pick-up your mail from your assigned mailbox. We do not check mailboxes.


Sending a Package:

Make sure package is properly wrapped and addressed. The mail center staff will gladly offer packaging advice.  The mail center does not handle packages that exceed 70 pounds. A USPS policy prohibits this action.

Receiving a Package:

Students will be notified via their University e-mail address or text-alert for package pick-up.   Sign-up is required for this service.  Students must present their Aggie OneCard ID to receive their packages.  Packages must be picked up within ten business days upon arrival. 

Sign up today for Package Text Alert here.