J. M. Sexton Endowment Fund

The following is an agreement between James M. Sexton or family designee and the North Carolina A&T University Foundation, Inc setting forth the principles of operation for The Accounting Unrestricted Endowment Fund.
1. Hereafter The Accounting Unrestricted Endowment Fund shall be referred to as "The Fund" and the North Carolina A&T University Foundation, Inc.  shall be referred to as "The Foundation."
2. All designated funds donated by James Sexton or family members and other contributors shall be placed in The Fund and shall be identified as such by the Foundation.
3. The Fund shall be invested by the Foundation. The amount of the withdrawals shall be made in accordance with the foundation's spending policy.
4. The Foundation shall provide an annual notification to James Sexton and/or family assignees. The notification shall include The Fund's status, performance, awards, and other pertinent information.
5. This agreement specifies and limits all future uses of The Fund for unrestricted accounting use only.
6. If future circumstances prevent The Fund from being used according to the above criteria, the Foundation’s Board of Directors and the School of Business and Economics reserve the right to modify this agreement in the best interest of the university.

Pledge Form for the J. M. Sexton Endowment Fund