Carla Macon Granville Engineering Scholarship Fund

In 1998, fifteen Industrial Engineering (IE) Alumni started a scholarship in the memory of their deceased fellow IE Alumnae, Carla Macon Granville, who died of breast cancer on September 11, 1995. Carla, a native of Powellsville, North Carolina, was a warm and caring individual and a very positive role model for her fellow classmates while attending North Carolina Agricultural State University. Granville received her undergraduate degree in IE in 1988 and was enrolled in the IE graduate program at the time of her death.

The Carla Macon Granville Industrial Engineering Scholarship (CMGIES) was established to financially assist students who are aspiring to become Industrial Engineers. The first year of the scholarship, the CMGIES founders awarded $1,000 to an outstanding student. Since its inception, the founders continue to pass the torch to a deserving IE student who exemplifies the qualities of a well-rounded and outstanding student like Carla. She is certainly missed by many, but she is also deeply missed by her parents, siblings, husband and son.

Carla Macon Granville Engineering Scholarship Criteria

Scholarships from the Carla Macon Granville Engineering Scholarship Fund will be awarded to deserving students as determined by the University Scholarship Committee based on the criteria cited below. In making the selection, this committee shall consider such attributes as scholarship, leadership, community service, exceptional talent and financial need. The committee shall give special selection consideration to:
• Students with an overall GPA of 2.5 and must have completed at least two Industrial Engineering courses with at least an Industrial Engineering GPA of 3.0.
• The applicant must be at least a second year Industrial Engineering student with at least 30 semester hours remaining to fulfill graduation requirements.
• The applicant must be a member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE).
• The applicant must have Co-Op Experience or be registered in the Career Placement/Co-Op Office.
• The applicant must submit an official transcript with the scholarship application.
• The applicant must attend the Industrial Engineering event where the scholarship will be awarded.

Pledge Form for the Carla Macon Granville Engineering Scholarship Fund