Cadet Staff

Cadet Staff Organization 

The following is a brief description of the roles and responsibilities of our cadet battalion staff. The information is a combination of realistic duties related to position, and our current roles as cadet staff within our battalion.



FM 101-5 - Staff Organization and Operations

FM 4-93.51 - Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the Division Support Battalion (chapter 3 - Headquarters)


BC Battalion Commander MSIV 
c/LTC Grieves

Makes all final decisions.  Attends cadre staff meetings.  Ensures the PMS’s intent is followed.  Is ultimately responsible for everything the BN does.


XO Executive Officer MSIV

 c/MAJ Easterling


The principal officer; assistant to the BC.  Coordinates all Primary and Special staff.  Runs the staff meetings. Ensures all staff is functioning efficiently and promptly.  The BC delegates a great deal of responsibility relating to direct staff coordination to the XO.  Ensures the BC's guidance is being implemented in all planning and training. Develops and monitors staff operating policies.


CSM Cadet Sergeant Major MSIII 

c/CSM Childs


Principal advisor to the BC regarding all "enlisted" cadets (MS I, II, & III). Enforces the standard in execution, appearance & bearing, and in operating procedures, primarily with the MS III's and below. The only "enlisted" member of the battalion staff. Maintains morale and welfare of the BN.


Co CDR Cadet Company Commander c/CPT Jefferson

Serves as cadet company commander of three platoons. Overall responsible for training, health, welfare, and moral of cadets. Oversees units collective training in preparation for training. Responsible for platoon readiness.


Co 1SG Cadet Company First Sergeant c/1SG Sayger

Responsible for the health, welfare, discipline, training, and professional development of cadets; responsible for all aspects of administration and cadet personnel management for the unit; principal advisor to the commander on all cadet matters.


S1 Personnel Officer MSIV c/CPT Peterson


AS1 c/1LT James


S1 maintains the manning roster, BN contact roster, and is the main distributor of information to the staff. Advises the BC in all personnel related matters. Ensures the standard for evaluations is being reflected in the blue and yellow cards.


S2 Intelligence/Recruiting Officer MSIV

c/CPT Danielczyk


AS2 c/1LT Ho


S2 provides weather forecasts for upcoming events.  The S5 aids the Recruiting Officer with recruiting/retention events.


S3 Operations & Training Officer MSIV

c/MAJ Smith


AS3 c/CPT Davis, c/1LT Clowney, c/1LT Lamb, c/1LT Wills, C/1Lt Wells


Advises the BC in all planning, training, operations, and security of the BN. Supervises all implementation of plans and orders. Sets and reviews the standard operating procedures. S3 is responsible for all operations orders and planning. S3 also aids in the coordination of all special projects. The S3 must develop and maintain the task organization for all operations. The S3 runs the training meetings (IPRs). Prepares contingency plans.


S4 Logistics Officer MSIV

c/CPT Bush


AS4 c/1LT Clayton

S4 provides technical supervision for all support operations. S4 coordinates with the cadre supply personnel. The S4 is responsible for procurement and set up of all equipment necessary for training. Issuance of all OCIE goes through the S4. All classes of supply fall under the jurisdiction of the S4 (including food plans). Develops movement plans for all modes of transportation.


S6 Signal Officer MSIV

c/CPT Shearn


S6 is responsible for all tasks related to communications and electronics (technology). Conducts network management and maintenance, to include equipment. Maintains the BN local area network (computers). Maintains the BN web site. Maintains all social networks. Advises the commander and staff on all communications matters.

AS6 c/1Lt Lamb, c/CPL Morris