Undergraduate Bulletin 2018-2019

General Information

Historical Statement
Mission of the University
Policy Governing Programs and Course Offerings
Nondiscrimination Policy and Integration Statement
The University of North Carolina
Organization of the University
Governance of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Board of Trustees of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Officers of Administration of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Colleges of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Accreditation and Institutional Memberships
Office of International Affairs
The Honors Program
Academic Degree Programs
The Ferdinand D. Bluford Library
Educational Support Centers
Office of Summer Sessions
Office of Continuing Studies and Professional Development
Learning Technology Services
Information Technology Services
Center for Academic Excellence
Waste Management Institute
Division of University Advancement
Division of Research and Economic Development
Campus Enterprises
University Bookstore
Aggie C-Store
Aggie OneCard
Food Service
Ticket Office
Mail Center

Student Life

Division of Student Affairs
Counseling Services
Health Services
University Policies on Alcohol
University Drug Policy
Zero Tolerance for Drug Policy
Drug and Alcohol Education Policy
Food Services

Housing and Residence Life
Memorial Student Union
Student Development
Student Organizations and Activities
Student Conduct
Computer Use Policy Statement
Veteran Affairs
Disability Support Services
Office of Career Services
Multicultural Student Center
Student Support Services Program
University Event Center

Expenses and Financial Aid

General Information
Required Deposits, Charges and Fees
Housing Deposit
Mailbox Key Deposit
Regular Session Charges for Part-Time Students
Incidental Fee, Deposits, and Charges
Tuition Surcharge
Registration for Thesis Courses
Refunds and Repayment for Withdrawals
Withdrawal from Courses
Summer School Charges Per Credit Hour
Detail of Fees, Deposits, and Charges
Student Financial Aid 

Admission Policy and Procedures

Admissions - Policy
Admissions - Procedures
Admissions - Criteria for Freshman
Admissions - Criteria for Transfer
Admissions - Criteria for Special Students
Regulations for Veterans and Children of Deceased and Disabled Veterans
Residence Status for Tuition Purpose

Academic Information and Regulations

Advanced Placement
College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
International Baccalaureate (IB) Program
Program of Study
Declaration of Major
Declaration of Minor
Official Registration
Late Registration
Auditing a Course
Class Cancellations

Academic Course Load
Double Major
Repetition of Courses
General Education Requirements of the University
Course Credit by Examination
Academic Warning
Academic Probation
Academic Suspension
Academic Dismissal
Academic Dismissal Appeals
Veterans and Persons Eligible for Veterans Benefits
Quality Points
Grade Point Average
Course Numbers and Classification
Course Scheduling
Classification of Students
Change of Grade
Grade Appeal
Changes in Schedule
Changing Schools / Colleges
Withdrawal from an Individual Course
Withdrawal from the University
Readmission of Former and Academically Suspended or Academically Dismissed Undergraduate Students
Five Year Readmission and Forgiveness Policy
Semester Examinations
Dean's List and Chancellor's List
Class Attendance Policy
Policy on Make-Up of Required Course Work
General Requirements for Graduation
Graduating with Honors
Commencement Participation
Effective Bulletin for Graduation
Second Baccalaureate Degree
Privacy of Student Records
Access to Student Records
Change of Name and Address
Transcript of Records
Indebtedness to the University
Academic Dishonesty Policy
Student Appeals of Academic Dishonesty
Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom
Consortium Study Agreement
Cell Phone Policy
Department of Military Science
Department of Aerospace Studies
Waste Management Institute
Center for Academic Excellence


College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
College of Business and Economics
College of Education
College of Engineering
College of Health and Human Services
College of Science and Technology
The Graduate College