Division of Student Affairs


The Division of Student Affairs shoulders the major responsibility for Student Life and Student Services. The Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs is the Chief Student Affairs Officer. The Division of Student Affairs is organized to provide services that complement the academic program and contribute to the social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical development of students.

Furthermore, programs and services provided within the Division support the community of learners and are broadly categorized into four major areas: (1) Academic Support, (2) Personal Growth and Diversity, (3) Professional Development, and (4) Health & Wellness. Specifically, the Division of Student Affairs plays a vital role in the personal growth, diversity, wellness, academic achievement, and the intellectual and professional development of each individual student by:

  • Fostering a campus culture that encourages each student to articulate his or her own goals for success;
  • Enhancing the learning environment and expanding learning opportunities for all students inside and outside of the classroom;
  • Promoting a campus climate to value, accept and learn from our rich diversity by expanding opportunities for student to acquire local, regional and international experiences; and
  • Developing leaders who believe in and lead others toward supporting civility, mutual respect and diversity in our society through expanding workplaces that include global experiences, advance technology and physical resources to develop students’ full potential. 

The Division of Student Affairs is a student-centered partner in the learning community of North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. “Building on our comparative educational advantages and our unique civil rights heritage,” we provide interdisciplinary services that complement the academic colleges and schools within the University. Education is enhanced both inside and outside of the classroom, through quality support services and programs that advance student intellectual, cognitive, social, personal, and physical competencies. The Division contributes to academic and personal success, encourages independent civic responsibility, provides skill sets that can be applied globally, and promotes the welfare of all students. Student Affairs helps to connect students to the University and to their future, building alliances that foster recruitment, retention and loyalty beyond graduation.

Student Affairs professionals assist students in areas of counseling, leadership development, student housing, student activities, student governance and community service. Such activities assist students in finding “a sense of belonging, responsibility, and achievement.” The Division carries out its purpose through providing leadership development opportunities for student leaders, the Student Government Association, the Student University Advisory Board, the Council of Presidents, the Residence Hall Association, the Pan-Hellenic Counsel, service organizations and other non-Greek organizations and the Graduate Student Advisory Council.

Consistent with the overall goals of the University, the Division of Student Affairs include the following array of programs and activities within the following units: (1) Counseling Services, (2) Career Services, (3) Student Government Association, (4) Student Activities and Involvement, (5) Health Services, (6) Intramural Sports, (7) Veteran and Disability Support Services, (8) Student Support Services, (9) Housing & Residence Life, (10) Student Center, (11) Upward Bound Program, (12) Student Development  (13) Multicultural Student Center, (14) Judicial Affairs, (15) University Event Center, (16) Administration, (17) Blue & Gold Marching Band, (18) Ayantee Yearbook, (19) Student Clubs & Organizations/Greek Life, (20) Student University Advisory Board and (21) the Graduate Student Advisory Council.