Office of Summer Sessions

The Office of Summer Sessions is committed to providing exemplary services to fulfill the educational and professional development needs of a diverse community of learners. The Office of Summer Sessions additionally provides a unique opportunity for the University to expand its capacity to offer courses for traditional and non-traditional students by offering educational opportunities during the summer in compact sessions.

Summer Sessions helps bridge the academic year by creating a continuous flow of learning opportunities for the university and the community-at- large while serving as a catalyst for the advancement and enhancement of lifelong learning. Consequently, students may optimize their efforts to remain on schedule for projected degree completion thus promoting higher graduation rates.

The Office of Summer Sessions features several convenient sessions of varying lengths: two five-week sessions; one two-week intersession; and one 10-week dual session. Students may enroll in a maximum of seven credit hours in each five-week session and the dual session, and one three-credit hour course during the intersession. These sessions facilitate study aimed at meeting a wide range of educational, career, and personal enrichment goals. Sessions are specifically designed for community-wide accommodation through courses, study abroad experiences, internships, and other programs that promote diversity among populations.